This is a piece for collectors. For tourists. For the Brivadois. And more broadly for all lovers of exceptional heritage. For the past month, a Paris currency bearing the image of the Saint-Julien basilica has been available at the Tourist Office. A small brilliant piece produced in 4,000 copies.

This piece was edited in 4,000 copies

The idea germinated in the minds of the staff of the Brioude Tourist Office, at the end of last year.

“We wanted to meet a demand from tourists. Often they wish to bring back with them a souvenir of St. Julian’s Basilica and we didn’t have much. And collectors appreciate Monnaie de Paris. »

Sarah Chaussinand (Brioude South Auvergne Tourist Office)

The staff of the Tourist Office therefore came into contact with this French institution responsible for minting coins and producing medals for more than 1,150 years. “They immediately said yes and sent us the technical details. Above all, a photo was needed. To tell the truth, we didn’t hesitate very long! »
It was obviously the Saint-Julien basilica that was hit. Classified as a Historic Monument, 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide and visited by more than 100,000 people each year, it is a truly unmissable place for all lovers of history, art and spirituality.

The visual of Ernest Pignon-Ernest’s exhibition in Brioude unveiled

Highlight the building

The photo, taken from a drone, is the work of Daniel Vincent, the director of the Haute-Loire departmental tourism office. It allows, according to the Tourist Office, “to highlight the integration of the building in the city but also its architectural quality, in particular its bedside which was recently redone. »
The reverse of the medal is vintage with the Monnaie de Paris logo and the words “Made in France” and “Frappé en France”.

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Where to find it?

La Monnaie de Paris is available at the Brioude Tourist Office where it is sold for €3.

Mathilde Fontes

Tourism – La Monnaie de Paris publishes a coin bearing the image of the Basilica of Saint-Julien de Brioude