‘Vengeance is mine’: a slow

The wounds that are gestated throughout the history of a person can condition their life forever. A badly healed event can be the reason for a cruel revenge and can destroy the lives that are around them. The consequences of a revenge and a cracked past are the foundations of ‘Mía es la venganza’, the new daily series on Telecinco that premieres today at 3:45 p.m. and that features Lydia Bosch as the protagonist and other actors such as Begoña Maestre, Claudio de la Torre, Armando del Río and Elena Furiase, among others.

‘Vengeance is mine’ will cut the duration of ‘Save me’ a few days before its definitive end. This new commitment by Mediaset to somehow maintain the audience that spent the afternoons watching Jorge Javier, María Patiño or Belén Esteban seeks to settle on Telecinco with three seasons already signed.

The series opens with a car that plunges into a lake and begins to sink into the water. Inside the vehicle are Sonia and two little girls who are traveling in the back seat oblivious to the fate that awaits them. Time is running out and the desperate woman tries to free the girls, until she discovers that she barely has time to save them both. One of them manages to get to the surface with Sonia, while the other, trapped in the car, helplessly awaits her death.

For Lydia Bosch, the role of Sonia is the most complicated she has had to play throughout her career. “This character requires being emotionally on the edge and there came a time when she worried me because I started to feel tachycardia, but not because you take the character home, but because she was more physical.” Although she is quite a veteran in television series, this proposal was a challenge. “The fact that she had not worked for a long time and the memory that a daily series takes is a lot scared me,” she says. With vertigo, courage and bravery, she launched herself onto the screen after reading a script that captivated her. Her character is complex. She is about a woman who put aside events that broke her and that she has not been able to correct. «Sonia is a wounded woman. terribly hurt. So, I love Sonia very much. I understand her deeply. She is absolutely in a shell. People who are able to get into it can come to love it very much. What happens is that she doesn’t let it, “says Lydia Bosch.

The series premieres on Telecinco today at 15:45


The series takes place 20 years after the event. Now Sonia is the influential and powerful owner of the exclusive sports club Los Olivos. Mario, a tormented young man whose life was ruined by that unfortunate accident, is willing to carry out a studied revenge plan to make Sonia and Olivia suffer as much as they made him suffer. However, his feelings will get in his way, leading him to face a great dilemma: choose love or go through with his particular reckoning. Arantxa Écija, producer of the series, assures that it is a “classic series with melodrama” and contains very modern elements with great diversity. “Anyone who sees it is going to hallucinate. It engages with what happens, with the characters that are all very interesting, “says Bosch.

A demanding daily series

The daily series are a challenge for the actors and the production team. From Monday to Friday they record and prepare for a long day. “I’m very lucky to be able to balance my work and my family, even if it’s doing a bobbin lace,” he says, laughing. The actress studies her character between bottles, dinners and showers of her children. “In the daily series there is much more immediacy and I think they are more visceral,” says the actress. She also recognizes that after hours and hours of work, the character internalizes to such an extent that she carries it inside her and automatically reacts just like the script without hardly preparing it. Despite the effort that he supposes for the whole team, Bosch gets the feeling that he somehow ignores the daily series compared to other formats. «It has always seemed that television actors are less than those who appear on the big screen. It seems that they are like a little brother, but it is not like that », she adds, and recognizes the « courage » and « courage » that is needed for a daily production like this.

«Working in a daily series is an actor’s dream because of the stability it gives. Well look. It may seem that we are less, but I think that is changing because I have done everything: series for platforms, for prime time, movies…”, says Elena Furiase, another member of the cast. However, for the actress it is already a dream in itself to work on what she likes the most. “This series is a luxury and a gift.”

Furiase plays Lucía Serrano, the sports club’s physical therapist. She is optimistic, friendly and inspires confidence. She is very used to fend for herself in any situation. The series contains a wide range of characters that everyone can identify with. In this case, Lucía is blind. «The truth is that since I was little I have been very afraid of going blind and I remember that sometimes I pretended not to see to see how I could manage. When they offered me the role and asked who I had prepared with, I replied: I’ve been doing this all my life, “she said, laughing. The actress trained with Juan, a blind physiotherapist in Móstoles. “My character is very sensitive and has a lot of purity and spirituality.”

‘Vengeance is mine’: a slow-burn revenge