Third album for Saverio Grandi who writes songs for everyone

“Segnali dismo” is available in stores and digitally, the third album by lyricist, composer and songwriter Saverio Grandi, author of some of the most important songs on the Italian recording scene with over 20 million copies sold.

The new single is not about love but about love

Furthermore, the new single taken from the album, “Love Believes Love Can”, written by Pacifico and composed by Saverio Grandi, is in radio rotation. A song that doesn’t talk about love, but talks about love. A feeling seen as something that man has always had inside, as a form of spirituality that accompanies him in life in all circles and in which he can believe especially in the toughest and most difficult moments.

Nine openly autobiographical songs that deal with themes dear to the artist

“Smoke Signals” (PMS Studio) is an openly autobiographical album which, through nine songs, narrates personal life moments and choices. A path, in some respects also generational, which reflects on the changes and frenzy of the daily routine, focusing on the themes dearest to the artist, such as freedom, love, responsibilities, the decisions that change our lives.

A disc with no frills or commercial concerns

In this regard, Saverio declared: «I chose this title because we are living in an era where communication is fast, often shouted, and as such it must necessarily be understandable by everyone. Instead, I wanted to write and sing songs that told personal, intimate and generational stories through a language that didn’t have to be screamed and assimilated upon first listen. Hence the “smoke signals”, a coded language carefully prepared by Native Americans and sent to be understood only by those they wished. “Smoke Signals” is a real record, without too many frills and commercial concerns, where I wrote just for myself, without thinking, as often happens in the author’s profession, what could work and what not. It’s definitely my most mature and complete record, there’s so much of me and my life in it that I venture the definition of honesty. I hope that many will find themselves making this journey with me crossing the Monument Valley which is portrayed on the cover up to the Po Valley where I live today».

This is the tracklist of the album: “Love believes love can”, “Weightless”, “I like it”, “As it is right that

sia”, “Silent heroes”, “Wake me up when it’s over”, “Siamo noi” feat. Gianni Novi, “To my father”, “Smoke signals”

To date, he has released more than 300 songs and over 100 singles

Grandi is among the authors of the most important songs on the national record scene. He composes both music and lyrics, and to date has released more than 300 songs and over 100 singles. As an author he has sold more than 20 million copies and amassed over 650,000 million views on YouTube. He has released two albums in his name, “La sole of the foot” and “Patting on thin ice”, and two singles, “Lei” feat. Gaetano Curreri and “Women”.

Author for the most important Italian voices as well as producer of Stadio

He has written songs for and with Vasco Rossi (among which “Un senso”, “Ti prendo e ti porto via” and “A love song thrown away”), Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, Marco Mengoni, Luca Carboni, Gianni Morandi, Mango, Stadio, Raf, Alessandra Amoroso, Emma, ​​Annalisa, Noemi, Fiorella Mannoia, Irene Grandi, Il Volo, Nek, Ornella Vanoni, Anna Tatangelo, Virginio, Chiara Galiazzo and many others. Grandi is the producer of Stadio, from “Occhi negli occhi” to “Miss Nostalgia”, for which he wrote “Un giorno mi dirai”, winner of the Sanremo Festival in 2016. He has also received many prestigious awards such as the Lunezia and the Siae Award as author of the year in 2007. Songs composed by him won two editions of X Factor (interpreted by Marco Mengoni and Chiara Galiazzo) and two of Amici (interpreted by Marco Carta and Virginio). In 1997 he founded the band Taglia 42, with which he released two albums, the homonymous “Taglia 42” and “Due”.

Andrea Malavolti

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Third album for Saverio Grandi who writes songs for everyone – Avanti