I read what I like. The program of the Readers’ Circle from 21 to 26 November 2022

Turin – In the week of Readers Circlefrom the United States comes one of the great voices of American letters today: Jonathan Lethem. at Galleries of ItalyWednesday 23, Lethem brings a lesson on the feelings of America today, starting from the photographs of Eveningsidethe Gregory Credwson exhibition underway in the new space dedicated to photography of Intesa San Paolo.

Turin – Beyond Lethem, it’s a women’s week for the Readers’ Circle. Guests three great women of literature, we start on Monday with Miriam Toews, Canadian, winner of the Governor General’s Award who at the Holden School tell his battle night, a story of resilience across three generations. Tuesday, at Palazzo Graneri della Roccia, Blessed Cibrario presents his latest novel For every lost word, the story of the rediscovery of oneself and the restoration of an ancient hot air balloon which was the protagonist of a flight experiment in Chambery in 1874; Saturday Dacia Maraini, on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini, retraces his friendship with the intellectual in a staging by Tangram Teatro, starting from his latest book Dear Pier Paolo.

Turin – The master of the historical novel also tells of women Ildefonso Falcones with Slave of the freerty that through the eyes of a young Cuban sheds light on the consequences of colonialism from the nineteenth century to today.

The collaboration of the Circle with continues Green Pea; friday the first date of energetic abc, the review on energy and sustainability edited by Anthony Pascale, with Roger Rollini.

During the week, the reading groups online with Joseph Cullicchia, Francesco Pettinari, Loredana Lipperini, Paul DiPaolo and the evergreens, the groups in presence among which José Manuel Martín Morán with Hispánica. Don chisciotte.

The program

Monday 21 November at 19 | Holden School

Laugh and be moved together

Miriam Toews, Battle night (Einaudi)

with Elena Varvello

From his grandmother he learns indispensable and useless things, above all to always laugh and never give up. «We are all fighters»: grandmother Elvira, irrepressible and wonderfully irreverent, mother Mooshiesmoody and dangerously pregnant, and she, Swiv, a volcano of words and ideas against adversity.

Tuesday 22 November 6.30 pm | big room

A graceful crossing of past and present

Blessed Cibrario, For every lost word (Mondadori)

with Elena Loewenthal

After her partner’s death, Sofia is persuaded by Edmund to restore an ancient hot air balloon. She arrived in Chambéry, she rediscovers herself, while she drives the balloon above the skies of history, so that we can see where the challenge to the obtuseness of happening opens up, and where new visions are released.

Tuesday 22 November at 21 | big room

What if we elected the voters?

Xavier Raymond

Memoirs of a Reluctant Voter (Feltrinelli)

with Simonetta Sciandivasci

With his biting and paradoxical satire, the comedian and presenter subverts clichés and acquired truths to reflect in an unconventional, irreverent and amusing way on the rights and duties of the sovereign people, and on the profound meaning of democracy.

Wednesday 23 November 6.30 pm | Galleries of Italy

America Today
Meeting with Jonathan Lethem

curated by Gallerie d’Italia in collaboration with Fondazione Circolo dei Lettori, in the context of #Inside. Inside the exhibitions

Jonathan Lethem, author and great storyteller from the United States, arrives in Turin to tell the story of today’s America. The author of The Fortress of Solitude (2003), Chronic City (2009), A Wild Detective (Ship of Theseus, 2018), The Arrest (2020), winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction, author of “ The New Yorker”, “Harper’s magazine” e The New York Times’s, arrives in Turin on November 23 for a lesson on his country today, entitled America Today, a collaboration between Galleries of Italy And Readers’ Circle Foundation.

The American writer, a great master in mixing science fiction and yellow, noir and popular fiction, with echoes and tributes to R. Chandler, Don DeLillo and Ph. K. Dick, guides a reflection, starting from the evocative photographs of Eveningside, the Gregory Credwson at Intesa Sanpaolo’s Gallerie d’Italia, on the feelings of America today and on the solidity – or otherwise – of the American dream.

Wednesday 23 November h 21 | big room

A desert, a story

Frances Peliti, Paolo Dall’Oglio and the Community of Deir Mar Musa (Ephphatha)

with Paul Girola, Immaculate Dall’Oglio And Sister Friederike Gräf

In the 1980s Paolo Dall’Oglio came across a remote monastery in the Syrian Qalamun. That place and his spirituality become the Jesuit’s mission, as a physical and symbolic meeting point between East and West. This book tells the story through the voice of the protagonists.

edited by One Hundred Per Hundred Readers

Thursday 24 November h 21 | big room

The long-awaited new novel from the master of historical fiction

Ildefonso Falcones, Slave of Liberty (Longanesi)

with Anna Chiara Sacchi

The master of historical fiction recounts the slave trade through the eyes of a young woman in 19th-century Cuba. And for the first time she sets part of the novel in the present day investigating the shadows of colonialism that still extend over society today.

Friday 25 November 6.30 pm | Green Pea

Energy ABC #1, Environment and small daily gestures

First appointment of the review Energy ABC in the company of Roger Rollini starting from There is chemistry in the house (Mondadori)

in collaboration with Green Pea

According to a survey conducted in eight European countries, including Italy, 39% of people would like to live in a world without chemicals. “Chemistry” is actually a bad word. Yet, the air we breathe, the water we drink, everything we see, touch and smell is made of chemistry. Even us. So what to do in the face of this irrational fear?

Friday 25 November at 21 | big room

How Rome was saved by soldier emperors

Marco Cappelli

For a handful of barbarians (Solferino)

The author of one of the most followed history podcasts tells the great parable of Rome’s descent into the underworld of the crisis of the third century and its subsequent, miraculous rebirth under Aurelian and Diocletian, between battles and twists, great protagonists and social upheavals .

Saturday 26 November at 21 | big room

One hundred years after the birth of Pasolini

Dear Pier Paolo

with Dacia Maraini and the participation of Bruno Maria Ferrarostaging of Ivana Ferrireadings of Patricia Wellsstarting from the book Neri Pozza

Retracing, between dreams and memories, the story of a friendship and a recent past marked by an unrepeatable cultural ferment, the strength and spirit of an intellectual emerges who has profoundly marked the critical conscience of Italy before and after his tragic death.

edited by Tangram Theater Turin

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I read what I like. The program of the Readers’ Circle from 21 to 26 November 2022