Change on Facebook: no more religion, politics or sexual orientation

The social network is updating and will soon prevent its users from sharing data deemed too personal.

Facebook will quietly remove certain information from its users’ profiles. It is the consultant Matt Nevara, specialist in social networks, who announces the news on Twitter. Relayed by Gizmodo, the information is confirmed by the platform. The social network will delete, among other things, religious and political opinions, sexual preferences and addresses. All this, from December 1st.

Less data for more security

Apparently, this update marks a turning point in the management of Facebook. Indeed, the platform has always stood out from its competitors with its profiles that are often rich in information. However, what was its charm in its infancy is now a burden. After fifteen years marked by occasional data leaks and repeated scandals, it’s time for Facebook to improve its privacy. Especially since users themselves are now much more suspicious of the data they provide.

According to a spokesperson for Meta, the social network will notify, in the coming days, all users who have filled in the fields affected by the deletion. More generally, Facebook claims that this update is a continuation of its efforts to teach Internet users to separate mundane data from sensitive data. Among which we therefore find in particular sexual orientation or religion. Note that while this data is no longer used for ad targeting, this is still not the case for location and browsing history.

Bringing Facebook up to date

Beyond the public relations aspect, Meta also wants “optimize navigation and use” from Facebook. Over the years, the platform has accumulated features, not always useful, and its interface has gradually become cluttered. In the middle of the minimalist interfaces of other networks, Facebook denotes. And not in the best way. To put it simply, the social network now drives users away more than it attracts them.

The problem is that Meta CEO Marck Zuckerberg seems uninterested in his company’s financial situation. the golden boy of Silicon Valley prefers to concentrate on its metaverse, in spite of the colossal losses generated by the development of this virtual reality. However, until this metaverse becomes profitable, the company’s income depends directly on Facebook, Instagram and, to a lesser extent, WhatsApp. It remains to be seen if Meta intends to step up its efforts to put Facebook back on track, or if the company decides to focus its efforts on WhatsApp and its two billion users.

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