“The Camaldolese in Fratta and in the Upper Tiber Valley: places, men and spirituality”, a series of five meetings in San Francesco

The Camaldolese path of San Benedetto, in the stretch from Montecorona to Fonte Avellana in the Marche region, was marked and traveled by a group of volunteers who intended to enhance the presence of monks in the Umbria-Marche area.

In order to improve the knowledge of the history of the abbey of Montecorona and the places along the way, the University of the Third Age of Umbertide, the association “Eticamente”, in collaboration with the Municipality of Umbertide, have promoted a course in five stages to get to know more about this age-old reality, today partly forgotten. The meetings will be open to the citizens of Umbertide and the municipalities involved in the route.

On 6 December 2022, the Camaldolese presence in the territory of the Upper Tiber valley and in the Umbrian-Marche Apennines will be deepened by Andrea Czortek, historian, director of the Office for Culture and Social Communications of the Diocese of Città di Castello and teacher of Church History in the Theological Institute of Assisi and in the Diocesan School of Theological Formation.

On 17 January 2023 Stefania Zucchini of the University of Perugia will trace the history of Montecorona from its birth until the arrival of the monks reformed by Blessed Paolo Giustiniani (1476-1528), son of an important Venetian family who lived in Umbria and founded the Camaldolese monks of Montecorona (Coronesi), still existing as a community of hermits.

The figure of San Romualdo (951-1027), a hermit and reformer who was of great importance as the founder of the Camaldolese monks, will then be presented on 31 January 2023 by Don Giustino Farnedi, abbot of San Pietro in Perugia. Peculiar was his relationship with the young emperor Otto III (980-1002), with whom he collaborated for the reform of the Church.

On February 14, 2023 Monsignor Pietro Vispi, chancellor of the Diocese of Gubbio and parish priest of the Collegiata, will address the biography of a saint from Umbertide, San Savino, a Coronese monk who illustrated his homeland with his virtues, gathering a great reputation for holiness during his lifetime.

On 28 February Mirko Santanicchia, from the University of Perugia, will talk about the valuable frescoes in the Abbey of San Salvatore di Montecorona which are strongly linked to those of the Cistercian monastery of S. Giuliana in Perugia, because they were created in a unique context.

The valorisation of the itinerary is aimed at rediscovering the importance of recovering history in order to build a future anchored to the values ​​that make Italy and its territories great, all characterized by great specificities. However, the first ones who must know their own territory are the inhabitants of the places which, known in their importance, can be better preserved.

The stages of the Camaldolese itinerary of San Benedetto wind from Montecorona to San Benedetto Vecchio; from San Benedetto Vecchio to Santa Maria di Burano; from Santa Maria di Burano to Chiaserna and from Chiaserna to Fonte Avellana.

All the meetings will take place at the San Francesco di Umbertide socio-cultural center at 17.00.

For information: 338 8562845 info@unitreumbertide.it

“The Camaldolese in Fratta and in the Upper Tiber Valley: places, men and spirituality”, a series of five meetings in San Francesco