Raisi: “Development devoid of spirituality and ethics, will lead to the degeneration of society”

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisigave a speech on Monday afternoon at the “Transforming Education Summit” held in New York with the cooperation of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (Unesco).

Head of the Iranian delegation, Seyyed Raisi left for New York on Monday morning to attend the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

In his remarks at the UNESCO summit, Iranian President Raisi said that the development of education cannot take place without paying attention to family, justice and spirituality.

The official website of the Iranian President has released the full text of Raisi’s speech, of which we offer the full translation in Italian:

In the Name of God the Clement and the Merciful

“He is the One Who has sent among the illiterate a Messenger of their people, who recites His verses, purifies them and teaches them the Book and the Wisdom, even if they were previously in evident error” (Holy Quran, 62: 2).

Ladies and gentlemen;

Human knowledge is proud of Iranian scientists. The history of Iranian civilization began with science and knowledge, only to be elevated by Islamic culture, whose pillars are founded on celestial principles. The sacred religion of Islam constantly invites human beings to education with the aim of administering justice and expanding spirituality.

Progress and development are among the main issues of all nations. On several occasions they have implemented international recommendations and prescriptions which, however, have entailed serious challenges for the indigenous and national cultures of the countries of the world.

We believe that to address educational challenges, we need to identify their root causes. For our part, we have fundamental criticisms of the reading and interpretation of global contemporary history and the classification of problems by international organizations. If our goal is to create a dignified life and a safe world, we should refrain from providing a one-sided reading of globalization and instead emphasize the participation of all parties in the framework of multilateral approaches.

In short, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that:

– Development, education, family, justice and spirituality cannot be approached as separate and independent entities.

– Any initiative concerning the development and fulfillment of human needs should also include educational and ethical needs. At the same time, the family should be placed at the center of the initiatives. Of course, when we talk about the family, we mean it in the truest sense of the word and not artificial versions of the family that lead to the extinction of humanity.

– Development, if not accompanied by spirituality and ethics, will not be sustainable and will lead to the degeneration of society.

– Cultural dominance and the imprisonment of knowledge are the worst types of oppression and injustice.

Unfortunately the culture of hegemony sees its benefits in preventing the development of other countries, and in creating an unjust world order, abusing international bodies and imposing their own cultural and thought systems, tries to prevent other countries from progressing and development.

Dear colleagues;

This is our demand: should education and – fundamentally – human beings be at the service of sustainable development, or should sustainable development be placed at the service of human beings? If educational transformation does not lead to human progress and development, it will only produce weakness in humanity.

We expect international bodies to respect the right to cultural and educational sovereignty of all countries and protect them from cultural invasion. We believe that educational transformation without paying attention to “family, justice and spirituality” will not be possible.

We should focus on ethical values, which include honoring the family, respecting the environment, justice, rejecting violence and extremism, and creating a safe, moral, clean and efficient computing space as our priorities for educational transformation.

Consequently, the Islamic Republic of Iran codified its educational transformation document on the basis of the Iranian Islamic educational philosophy, without therefore relying on the one-dimensional secular approaches mentioned in the “2030 Document”. With the aim of improving quality in the new Iranian education system, we have moved from focusing on a memorization-based curriculum to one based on research, innovation, skills acquisition and a commitment to education and cultural values. and religious.

While engaging in its principled policies, the Islamic Republic of Iran is also ready to ensure interactive dialogue with others within the framework of its educational system, which is based on sublime and high human values.

Thanks for your attention.

Source: President.ir

Raisi: “Development devoid of spirituality and ethics, will lead to the degeneration of society” – Il Faro sul Mondo