Christmas concert of solidarity, very emotional, by the “Bambino Gesù del Cairo” Association


Christmas solidarity concert, very emotional, by the “Bambino Gesù del Cairo” Association


Rome, 21 December 2022 – Great emotions and an immense sense of Christmas spirituality, pervaded by much joy, characterized the execution of the Christmas concert, organized by the AssociationChild Jesus of Cairo Onlus“.

It was a concert with solidarity purposes, whose artistic level was such as to elevate the spirit and the heart.

It was attended by the Band of National Fire Brigade and the Soprano Minji Kang who, with her voice, enveloped all those present in the Christmas spell.

In the Church of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola, in Piazza Sant’Ignazio, in Rome, crowded and immersed in a festive atmosphere, Fatima Lucarini presented the event, which offered the opportunity to share the emotion of Holy Christmas with all members, friends and supporters.

It was a pastoral and artistic event at the same time, characterized by the performance of prestigious pieces of music, which were accompanied by highly significant images.

We wanted to give Christmas its most sublime meaning, that is, to be an occasion for gift and joy, offered to those in difficulty.

The birth of Jesus, in fact, is a gift to erring humanity in need of love. And it is precisely this meaning that Monsignor Gaid Yoannis Lazhi wanted to highlight in its most absolute magnificence, which can materialize for each of us in the intention of realizing grandiose life projects for those who live in a state of difficulty, to whom we must address our brotherly and loving gaze.

This initiative, in fact, is part of the Fundraising activity of the Association for the construction, in the new city of Cairo, of the Pediatric Hospital “Women’s and Children’s Hospital” and of the Hospitality House “Oasis of Piety”.

The “Women’s and Children’s Hospital” will make use of the medical-scientific collaboration of the Pediatric Hospital “Baby Jesus” in Rome, thanks to the cooperation agreement signed in Rome last October by the President Mariella Enoc and by Monsignor Gaid Yoannis Lahzi, President of the “Bambino Gesù” Association of Cairo Onlus.

The “Bambino Gesù” Hospital in Cairo, Pope’s hospitalcan in fact be considered the first “Bambino Gesù” hospital built outside Italy.

The Oasi della Pietà Reception Center will host abandoned children, offering them the opportunity to grow up in a family environment, capable of giving them serenity and affection, as well as a secure future. The denomination “Oasi della Pietà”, attributed to the Casa di Accoglienza, represents a sign of gratitude for the receipt of the gift of a faithful copy of the statue of Michelangelo’s Pietà, which His Holiness Pope Francis wanted to offer to the Association.

Despite the difficulties caused by the emergency situation, the works for the construction of the Casa di Accoglienza ‘”Oasi della Pietà” have already reached the threshold of 90% of their completion. It is hoped, therefore, to be able to inaugurate a first part of the work in the coming months.

As for the “Woman’s and Children’s Hospital” it was the first stone was laid on 3 October last, on the occasion of a ceremony held at the Italian Embassy in Egypt.

The “Woman’s and Children’s Hospital” will be a point of reference of excellence, able to ensure the reception and medical-health assistance to children affected by genetic pathologies and, moreover, to ensure a path of assistance also to women in pregnancy, throughout the management period.

The “Bambino Gesù del Cairo” Association has also put in place a further important project called “Medical vehicles”, which consists in the implementation of mobile health vehicles aimed at visiting and treating poor children in those areas where there is a lack of health facilities. Thanks to the efforts of many doctors, who offer their services free of charge, it is possible to reach the remotest villages to visit, carry out analyzes and offer free medicines to all needy children.

The “Bambino Gesù del Cairo” Onlus Association, established in July 2020, is inspired by the contents of the Document on the “Human Fraternity for World Peace and Common Coexistence”, desired by His Holiness Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, signed by both, on February 4, 2019, in Abu Dhabi.

The President of the Association Monsignor Yoannis Lahzi Gaid thanked the Institutions, the Authorities, the Members, the Firms and the Enterprises that have contributed to carrying out the above works: “My gratitude goes to all of you. I would like to start with the one who offered his hospitality for free, to whom my thanks goes, who is Father Vincenzo D’Adamo, Rector of the Church of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola and then thank the Ministry of internally, the Department of Fire Brigades, Public Aid and Civil Defence, the National Fire Brigade, the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration, the Central Directorate of Religious Affairs and the Administration of Fondo Buildings of Worship, the Vicariate of Rome: Liturgical Office, the Press and Social Communications Office, the Special Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendency of Rome, the National Confederation of Mercies of Italy, Doctor Giani Domenico of Europubblicità and his technicians, the Doctor Alberto Zambon.

I also thank all the Members of the “Bambino Gesù del Cairo” Onlus Association, who contributed to the realization of the event: the presenter Fatima Lucarini, the Councilor and brother, Prefect Doctor Pierluigi Faloni, the Director of the Press Office, Doctor Biagio Maimone. Thanks to the personalities present here. We are flattered by your presence, your participation and your kind words. Thanks to the Monsignors of the Roman Curia and to the ecclesiastical Authorities present here, Your Eminence Marcellus SemeraroYour Eminence Angelo BecciuYour Excellency Fabio Fabene.

A special thanks to those who cheered the evening with his wonderful voice and music, the Soprano Minji Kang, the great Maestro Donato di Martile and the Band of the National Fire Brigade. Christmas is the feast in which God becomes a child and invites us to become children and to think about children.

Our Association ‘Bambino Gesù del Cairo’ tries to do this, that is to transform good intentions into concrete actions, to convert beautiful words into tangible works”.

Pope Francis looks with confidence at the aforementioned projects, supported by the pedagogy of love and peace and, even more, as they are aimed at the education and care of children, as well as respect for their sacredness.


Christmas concert of solidarity, very emotional, by the “Bambino Gesù del Cairo” Association –