In Como, the biography of Don Luigi Monza

«The whole earth is your place» on stage at the Teatro Nuovo di Rebbio on Saturday 1st October at 9pm. Free admission with reservation

The Blessed Don Luigi Monza

The whole earth is your place: this is the title of the show that will be staged on Saturday 1 October at the Nuovo Rebbio Theater in Como (via Alfonso Lissi 9), starting at 9 pm.

The performance is one of the stages of the tour on the national territory of an original theatrical biography of Blessed Luigi Monza, promoted by the Study Center dedicated to him, with the aim of making known, in an artistic form and for the general public, the figure of the founder of the Little Apostles of Charity and of the Association “Our Family”.

Elaborated by the Lecco actress Ancilla Oggioni (with the collaboration of Gerolamo Fazzini and some Little Apostles of Charity), the show traces the main stages of Don Monza’s life, from poor and peasant origins to prophetic intuitions of the propagation of charity “up to ends of the earth ”, placing it against the backdrop of the complex historical period it has gone through.

Ancilla Oggioni has a rich repertoire of religious and cabaret shows behind it. With her, on stage, Stefano Venturini, author and performer of the composed music ad hoc. The costumes are by Liana Gervasi, Giorgio Gagliano audio-lighting technician.

Admission is free, but with reservations required, using the email

The Little Apostles of Charity

Founded as a group in 1937 on the initiative of Don Luigi Monza, in 1973 they were recognized as a Secular Institute of pontifical right by Pope Paul VI.

Faithful to their vocation, they follow Jesus Christ to be in the world “Like the Apostles with the practical charity of the first Christians, to make one savor the spirituality of the Gospel and let one taste the joy of living brothers in Christ” (Blessed Luigi Monza).

They live in fraternity or individually, carrying out their witness and apostolate in the various areas in which life places them, giving life to concrete gestures of welcome, solidarity, charity. Many of them carry out a specific service to life and its protection, care and rehabilitation in the “La Nostra Famiglia” Association.

The Little Apostles of Charity animate youth groups, volunteers, the lay group “Friends of Don Luigi Monza”, a widow group called “Zarepta”, family spirituality groups “Famiglia di Famiglia”, the Voluntary Association “Don Luigi Monza ”And the Ovci – La Nostra Famiglia (Voluntary Organization for International Cooperation).

Association “Our Family”

Founded on May 28, 1946, when the first two children entered the house in Vedano Olona (Varese), La Nostra Famiglia has grown exponentially, in response to the requests of the institutions and the territory in which it operates. Today it is present in six Italian regions and collaborates with the Ovci Voluntary Organization for International Cooperation in 6 countries around the world.

The Association deals with a wide range of children and young people, both with very serious pathological conditions, such as vegetative states and multiple diminutions, and with less serious situations, at psychopathological risk or social disadvantage. It takes care of their global growth, ensuring the diagnosis, treatment, education and well-being of their family as well.

Today La Nostra Famiglia has crossed geographical and scientific borders, placing itself among the largest and most qualified structures in Europe in the field of rehabilitation and research for disability in developmental age. In fact, thanks to the Medea Scientific Institute, it combines clinical activity with an in-depth research activity in neurorehabilitation, with reference to a wide range of neurological and neuropsychic pathologies of the developmental age.

Respect for life, global care, high professionalism, hospitality style are the qualifying aspects of the Association, with the aim of promoting good growth of people, social inclusion, an optimal quality of life.

The numbers for 2021: 28 offices in Italy, 24,024 children and young people assisted, 3,376 hospitalized children and young people, 2,378 operators, 137 research projects.

In Como, the biography of Don Luigi Monza