Cancellation of adoption procedures for black animals in Tampico

Animal protectors cancel the proceedings adoption black animals (cats, dogs, birds) Many of these specimens are used by santeros to offer them in satanic sacrifices on these dates of October 31 and Days of the Dead.

santeros, sorcerers and those who dedicate themselves or practice black magic, resort to black cats and other animals of that color for rituals or sorcery work that they perform precisely during the night of the October 31 and Days of the Dead.

On these dates, it coincides that stray animals with these characteristics disappear Day of the Dead, it is a healthy celebration because it pays homage to loved ones who have already passed away, he said Daniel González Narváez president of the Pro-Animal AC Board.

Black cat.  (Special)

Adoption of black animals canceled in Tampico

It has been confirmed that in area of ​​the naturist hospital, jetty, cemeteries and other sites, cults are held during the night of October 31 November 1 and 2for which there is concern on the part of all the people who are dedicated to animal welfare, care, respect and rescuebecause every year they are exposed to this type of event.

In general, they recommend to the public that, for no reason, on these dates they deliver black kittens or puppies adoption or also some birds because it has also been presented with hens of that color.

black magic and sorcery increases on October 31 “Yes, there have been many cases, on these dates this type of activity increases, which for us is not correct, that is why on these dates we do not put any type of animal up for adoption, and we recommend it to the public, They precisely inform us that on these dates black cats and puppies are more sought after for this type of activity, the loss of their animals is reported coincidentally, the black ones, convinced that they are used for this purpose, “he said.

He recommended to society that on these dates they take care of their petson the other hand, those who are dedicated to animal rescue they will not give up for adoption because they are fully sure that they will not be well treated, for people who have other types of spirituality, the black cat is not synonymous with bad luck.

“For us that has nothing to do with it, but we know that there are some sectors that do rituals with all kinds of black animalsnot only cats also with roosters, hens, goats this time lends itself to that situation and we do not understand why they do it on these dates, if it has something to do with the moon, the stars, we do not know what it is, what happens we do not know and what beliefs these people have to do this type of activities, personally it’s something aberrant and we don’t believe that a black cat changes your life or luck and other things”.

The Associations and Protectors of animalsclosed any adoption of these little animals until these dates pass, it will be until after November 5 when activities resume.

“It is to protect them because they are innocent and not to blame for what they did. the man thinks, I don’t know reasons to do that kind of activities, but those of us who dedicate ourselves to animal welfare consider that it is a aberration and we will not give them up for adoption,” he said.


Cancellation of adoption procedures for black animals in Tampico