What are you waiting for to ask him to resign?

The resounding failure of this Madurismo government is visible and felt by all. After the maduristas, in the country there is not a stone on a stone, nor a soul that is happy. We are experiencing the dismantling of the economy, the ignoramuses attacked the heart of the economy, messed with PDVSA, put hundreds of its managers in prison, persecuted others, defamed the operation of the company, accused it of being a nest of corrupt people. So, they achieved the “miracle upside down”, lowering production from 3 million barrels per day to less than half a million, now they auction it off at the price of old chicken. They plunged the country into ruin, and until today there is no rectification, only excuses that only idiots believe, or those plugged in.

From then on, they continued to function as an occupying army, they came with Attila’s horse, the one where the grass did not come out where he stepped, and they trampled everything. Those who caused the disaster cannot, do not know how to solve it, in their hands there is no other future than extinction. To solve the crisis that we are suffering today, economics and spirituality, ideality, and passion are needed.

Those who think that this barbarity is an exclusively economic issue are deceiving themselves, that with salary increases, handing over the country to the private sector, auctioning off oil and distributing a little of those dividends we will get out of misery. On the contrary, this crisis deserves a patriotic passion, a feeling, an awareness of belonging to society, a vision of the future, which enables social mobilization around social objectives. And you need an economy that supports this awareness.

The capitalism proposed by the government and the right-wing opposition supports selfishness, fragments society, elevates every man for himself, and a society like this cannot solve this crisis, on the contrary, it will deepen it, perpetuate it. Getting out of this crisis requires a united society, determined that the collective effort favors everyone, a society made up of millions of egoists cannot solve the crisis, such as the society of capitalism; Such a society inevitably falls into the hands, is auctioned off to international empires, and loses its sovereignty.

Thus, this unique crisis in our history calls for extraordinary solutions, an economic reconstruction that sustains an effervescence of social consciousness. Y only the economy intertwined with social consciousness allows a country to face the difficult challenges of sovereignty and happiness in a world divided by empires; only this pairing allows a country to take charge of building its future.

This viable, happy society, an example for the world, is the society that Chávez dreamed of, which was being built along Chávez’s path, that society was frustrated by the failures. It is time, time is running out, to get out of them, to ask them to resign. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to understand that a country without economy and without passion, without meaning to life, without sacred reasons for belonging to which to fight, will inevitably end in chaos, a riot, like that one in February; At that moment, the actions will be agonizing, of survival, and this catastrophe will cost lives and suffering, which today can be avoided…

What are you waiting for to ask him to resign?