Auroville: The city in India that has neither religion nor politics

In the world we find the most curious and, without a doubt, incredible places. Places that hide secrets, destinations even located in the most curious places on the planet, such as the town of Japan that is located inside a volcano. At Viajestic we cannot fail to find and highlight corners of the planet that leave no one indifferent.

One of them is the town located near Puducherry in the state of Tamil Nadu (India): the utopian community of Auroville. The Twitter user @Albertofm20 He has been in charge of putting us in context about this curious place and has told us how it works, what is the purpose of the place…

What is Auroville?

However, it is not the only place where we can find information about the city, since it has your own website where, in a cover letter, alleges some of its characteristics. For example, they point out that “Auroville belongs to no one in particular” but belongs to humanity as a whole. In these definitions that they make of the place, it is requested that if you belong to its population, you have to be “volunteer servant of Divine Consciousness”. Elsewhere in the cover letter he talks about how Auroville “will be the place of lifelong learning, constant progress and youth that does not age.” He also presumes to be the bridge between the past and the future and defends his identity as the cradle of material but also spiritual research. “to give a living body to a concrete human unit. The Mother”.

It is clear that this is an ideal destination for those who want to get away from the rules of the most everyday and normative cities on earth. A nest of spirituality, nature and above all outside the convictions with which we are accustomed and accustomed to live.

On their website you will find information relevant to the divine laws that govern the place since they even write a series of “rules” on which being a true Arovilian is based, such as: discovery of our interior, freedom of moral and social convictions, lose the sense of personal possession, work is indispensable for inner discovery, etc.

Mirra Alfassa, the creator

If anyone gets the credit for building this innovative place, it’s Myrrh Alfassa, Mother. Its construction can be related to the year 1966, when UNESCO decided to participate in the construction of the Alfassa project, according to the Twitter user.

On the official website of the place, they report that the creator’s inspiration came directly from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram that took the proposal of La Madre to start the project of a city that was constituted under the objective of experimenting based on the Sri Aurobindo’s teachings to Alfassa.

Matrimandir, a place of retreat and concentration

In this city that welcomes people of different nationalities, religions… A place that stands out above all is that for the inhabitants, it is not a tourist enclave but rather it is more related to spirituality, with concentration. A sphere that evokes the planet Earth and that can be visited for free on the condition that it is visited “in a suitable physical and mental state”. However, it can also be visited from outside Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., according to the official Auroville website.

Life in Auroville

The Twitter thread explains how those who have decided to spend their days in this curious and spiritual city live. Among the customs, it stands out for example that work is for everyone and wages are equalregardless of what profession you have. In this way, with that money you can access the food necessary to live.

Education is based on teaching children the importance of natural life and care for the environmentin addition to coexistence among equals in a democracy without political representatives.

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Auroville: The city in India that has neither religion nor politics