Tirailleurs, That summer, The survivors…: the cinema outings of the week

War, family chronicle, mystery in the Italian Alps…: here is our selection of films released this Wednesday, January 4, 2023 in cinemas.

The idea for the film was born in 1998 with the death of the last Senegalese skirmisher, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, at the age of 104. He had been conscripted by force in 1914. He died the day before he was to receive the Legion of Honor promised by the President of the Republic, Jacques Chirac.

The story of skirmishers often forgotten in school textbooks

The first battalion of skirmishers was created by imperial decree in July 1857. This body of soldiers was formed within the French colonial Empire and made up of African soldiers, from the Maghreb to sub-Saharan Africa. They participated in moments of glory – the defense of Reims in 1918 or the battle of Bir Hakeim in 1940 – as well as in tragedies such as the terrible massacres committed by the Wehrmacht against them during the campaign in France.

As for the so-called “Senegalese” skirmishers (from Senegal but also from all over Africa), they went to the front, alongside the hairy men from mainland France. They were nearly 200,000 to fight, 30,000 died on the battlefields of the Great War, many returned wounded or disabled. Nearly 150,000 were mobilized during the Second World War (figures vary according to sources). This military body was disbanded in 1960.

Omar Sy has never ceased to accompany Skirmishers throughout its ten years of development. Having become too old to play the main role, he considered withdrawing from the project but wanted to continue supporting the film by co-producing it. Finally, he embodies the father of the hero, while participating in the production: “
I want to show that my involvement goes beyond being on the bill. It is an implication that goes beyond that of the actor. I really believe in this story, it’s important to me that it exists, and I want to help make it known as best as possible. I thought that just being the actor wasn’t enough. Performing and co-producing are two forms of support
. »

The efficient production and the impeccable actors allow the work to salute the courage of these uprooted men fighting for France and trying to survive the brutality of the fighting.

• “That summer”: A family chronicle as seen by a child

Dramatic comedy directed by Éric Lartigau (1h39) with Rose Pou Pellicer, Juliette Havelange, Marina Foïs and Chiara Mastroianni.

Eleven-year-old Dune impatiently awaits the arrival of summer every year to finally join her friend Mathilde, two years her junior, and who lives not far from her parents’ holiday home in the Landes where she spends all his vacations. Inseparable, the two little girls grow up at the same pace, leading endless discussions on various subjects and sharing all their secrets. However, this beautiful friendship seems very close to shattered because of a simple summer without seeing each other. Back on site after a year of absence, Dune, now on the verge of adolescence, perceives a gap with Mathilde…

This summer is based on the graphic novel of the same name by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki. Released in 2014, the book received the prestigious Eisner Prize in 2015. Éric Lartigau was thrilled when he read the comic and immediately called his producer, who had sent him a copy, to discuss an adaptation.

A nice, unpretentious film that manages to touch in its poetic approach.

Other outings:

• ” The survivors “

Thriller directed by Guillaume Renusson (1h34) with Denis Ménochet, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, Victoire Du Bois.

Following a personal tragedy, Samuel wants to take a step back and decides to spend some time in his isolated chalet in the Italian Alps. Shortly after arriving there, the man sees footprints in the snow, which he follows until he finds a cowering and frightened young woman. Samuel does not take long to understand that the latter, named Chehreh, is in fact a migrant from Afghanistan and that she wants to reach Briançon, a town located on the other side of the border. Upset, he chooses to help her. But he quickly understands that mysterious pursuers are looking for her…

• ” 16 years old “

Romantic drama directed by Philippe Lioret (1h34) with Sabrina Levoye, Teïlo Azaïs, Jean-Pierre Lorit.

During the start of the school year in his high school, Leo immediately falls under the spell of Nora, a second-year student like him, and manages to quickly seduce his sweetheart. But their idyll takes an unexpected turn when Tarek, Nora’s older brother, is fired from his job as a handler in a hypermarket. Indeed, a very malicious destiny wanted the director behind this job loss to be none other than Franck, Leo’s own father. From that moment, this love becomes impossible in the face of the firm refusal of the various protagonists of the unfortunate affair to let the two lovebirds rub shoulders…

• “Etugen”

Documentary directed by Arnaud Riou, Maud Baigneres (1 h 35).

Since the dawn of time, various questions have tormented the minds of everyone, questions that cannot however obtain logical and concrete explanations. Meaning of existence, soul, conscience, relationship to others or to nature, all these subjects fascinate spirituality enthusiasts. By going across the four corners of the globe to meet philosophers, doctors, shamans, Amazonian healers or other Hindu yogis, this film tries to shed light on these divisive themes by making a complete tour of the various knowledge, traditions or simple beliefs spread here and there.

• ” Come to see “

Dramatic comedy directed by Jonás Trueba (1 h 04 – in VOST) with Itsaso Arana, Francesco Carril and Irene Escolar.

After too many months without seeing each other, two couples of longtime friends reunite for dinner in a Madrid café. Susana and Dani want to take this opportunity to announce two big news to Elena and Guillermo: Susana is pregnant with her first child, and they have mutually decided to buy a house in the countryside. Although surprised, Elena and Guillermo do not hide their joy at learning these somewhat unexpected scoops, and promise to visit them as soon as possible when they are installed. Three months later, the time has come to discover this famous residence…

Tirailleurs, That summer, The survivors…: the cinema outings of the week