Once, the dreams of the people of Dublin

by Albarosa Camaldo

As soon as you enter the foyer of the Teatro San Babila in Milan, you are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of the cast of Ouncesnew production of the famous Company of the Rancia: in fact, as the spectators enter the theater and the hall, they are surrounded by actors, musicians and performers who play different instruments live, immediately making them immerse themselves in the joyful atmosphere of the musical.Ounces, based on the 2006 Irish film of the same name, written and directed by John Carney, Oscar winner for Best Song with Falling Slowly, which later became a musical show in 2011, with the libretto by Enda Walsh, is set in Dublin. The city is reproduced with an original scenographic gimmick: the places of the different settings light up on a map drawn in the background.

The story tells of a young singer and street musician (Luca Gaudiano, winner of the New Proposals of Sanremo in 2021 with the touching Gunpowder, dedicated to his father who died prematurely) who, thanks to an encounter with a tenacious single mother (Jessica Lorusso ), which makes him believe in his talent, achieves success. The events of the other characters revolve around them, the boy’s widowed father, the girl’s mother, a banker, a music lover who finances the rental of the recording studio, the owner of a music shop who allows the girl to play plan from him to practice, the friends of the pub. All the artists characterize their characters with some salient features, ranging from romantic to comic to dramatic, alternating acting and interpretation of songs that complement the story, as well as giving life to enthusiastic choral numbers of dance, acting and song, moving at unison; in fact, all the actors are almost always on stage and act simultaneously, interacting perfectly with each other. Love is the engine of the story, represented in all nuances: a young mother, abandoned by her husband, puts her little girl first, even if she hopes for a new love, the parents encourage their children, like the girl’s mother , who is the versatile Francesca Taverni, the widowed father (Maurizio Desinan) supports his talented son; the fall in love between the two protagonists becomes, moreover, an incitement to give the best of oneself and makes us understand how in the delicate phases of life it is essential to have someone next to you who believes in your potential.

Although the title of the musical is not among the best known in Italy, the show, staged by the director Mauro Simone, in a technically perfect way and with feeling, deserves to have the right success, as confirmed by the enthusiastic audience. Where and when Once in a Lifetime (Once), libretto by Enda Walsh. Music and lyrics by Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová, based on the film Once, written and directed by John Carney. Italian translation Emma Ray Rieti. Translation and adaptation of Italian lyrics by Matteo Volpotti. Directed by Mauro Simone. Musical direction Antonio Torella. Choreography Gillian Bruce. Light design by Valerio Tiberi. Sets by Stefano Antozzi. Costumes by Silvia Cerpolini and Fabio Cicolani. Digitalskenè video scenography. With Luca Gaudiano, Jessica Lorusso, Francesca Taverni, Maurizio Desinan, Matteo Volpotti, Giulio Benvenuti, Andrea Luterotti, Monja Marrone, Niccolò Minonzio, Miriam Pilla, Andrea Salvadè. Production by Compagnia della Rancia under license from Music Theater International: www.mtishows.eu

At the Teatro San Babila in Milan, in the national premiere from 11 November to 4 December 2022 and then on tour. Info: SAN BABILA THEATER, Corso Venezia, 2/A – 20121 Milan – 02 46513734, info@teatrosanbabilamilano.it,

Once, the dreams of the people of Dublin