Psychopathology and spirituality

An extremely complex topic because it requires evaluating all facets of the human being at the same time and, furthermore, doing so from two planes that were previously mortal enemies: the plane of reason or science and on the other side that of intuition or faith. Despite the fact that they are the two pillars that sustain our civilization, it is not easy to function in both at the same time, but the human mind needs it to function correctly.

It is thought that faith or religion is a good protection against mental disorders and it is true, because it has resources that allow one to relate to Everything in a positive way. But the opposite is also said and it is also true, because some mental conflicts derive from religious beliefs, especially religious fanaticism. Religions really are powerful tools that can either give life or take life, depending on how they are used.

In religion the major doctrinal errors, could generate severe crises, such as: low esteem, guilt, despising “sinners”, possibility of abominable acts for believing that it is the divine will (the crusaders massacred the inhabitants of Jerusalem in the name of Jesus Christ). Psychoanalysts often detect psychological disorders due to conflicts with some religious beliefs. For example, the high incidence of hysterical crises in times of Puritanism, due to the strong repression against female sexuality.

Many Christians consider their sexuality as something that offends God, in fact, the theologian Origen castrated himself to avoid sinning. Some understand that sex is the creation of the devil. You need to understand that God will not hate you, even if you have sex differently than what is allowed in your society. Although if you manage to live your sexuality according to your culture, your existence will be more pleasant.

Homo sapiens are temporarily material beings, but always spiritual. They have sexual organs only when they are on this earthly plane due to their type of sexual reproduction, thus, spiritual beings (such as God) do not need sexual organs, therefore they are neither male nor female.

Psychologists and psychiatrists warn about visual and auditory hallucinations, but some believers claim to receive communications from God. How do you know if they are crazy? If the person appears balanced and the supposed divine message from him does not disturb you in a negative way, his belief could be respected. If you incite her to unacceptable behaviors, such as: “kill your son”, she should receive urgent psychiatric support. If he believes that God despises him for being a sinner and that he will be eternally in hell, we must ask him to explain what it means: “God is love.” Many psychologists and psychiatrists understand that their professionalism requires ignoring the patient’s spirituality as unscientific, but science must give us the ability to interact with whatever beliefs or language the patient uses, especially if it is something that they value.

Many intellectuals avoid touching the subject of the supernatural in public despite being believers to avoid their scientific training being questioned. However, current science makes it possible to rationally explain many phenomena that previously seemed inexplicable (in addition to the fact that in the sacred scriptures many texts should not be read literally but symbolically).

The demonic possessions described in the Bible have been postulated to be simply epileptic seizures, schizophrenia, or multiple personality disorders. However, they continue to insist on the issue, there are still exorcists who sometimes have university studies and are even doctors or psychologists. Some exorcists to avoid confusion appeal to “supernatural” elements that justify thinking of something other than a neuropsychiatric disorder. For example, if they receive verbal answers to questions that they are formulating mentally or if the patient jumps when secretly touched by some sacred element.

On the other hand, sometimes very religious people consider that their duty is to criticize and confront science, closing themselves off from technological advances and proposing a return to the medicine of the past. But, although they say they reject the modern, they would not dare part with some technological advances. Balance is essential for mental health, but sometimes we struggle to achieve it.

If you believe that God speaks to you or you believe that something is his will, there are some elements that must be present: it causes you peace, you notice an indisputably superior wisdom, it does not harm others, it does not make you neglect your responsibilities, it is positive for humanity, it produces positive changes in you, you remain humble and you are not forced to accept the will of others as if it were divine. The most important: you keep control of your life.

The spiritual plane is higher, but it can be confusing and the material plane is limited, we must learn to fly while remaining grounded. We can do it.

Faith cannot be an excuse to be inconsistent or irrational. Today it is unacceptable to be told: do not think about it and accept it in faith. Much of the mental pathologies arise from the attempt to deceive ourselves. We were told that the truth sets us free, but it also keeps us sane.

If our beliefs prevent us from being happy, we must review our beliefs

Psychopathology and spirituality