How authentic are we?

ANDhe mirror, to a certain extent, often confronts many. I am talking about those people who pretend all the time and try, through reflection, to make up images that are different from the ones they really project and cannot accept themselves or assume their realities.

And the issue is not only in the physical. Without pretending to be bitter, we often see those who talk about “union”, “support” and “faith” and, despite these good intentions, behave badly during the year.

In these times, some design their agendas with great schedules and good wishes, but during the rest of the year they keep their hearts completely rotten.

Many tend to live on what they try to reflect, even if they are empty and broken inside.

We are definitely in a world full of appearances and double standards, which often becomes overwhelming and discouraging.

However, I can assure you of something, and that is that those who are truly transparent and good people have a duty to make a difference; not only for themselves, but to set an example for others.

Although it is true that many times we have to be in toxic and ungenerous environments, where we do not grow professionally, personally, or emotionally, it is our duty to make the environment as peaceful as possible, as far as possible.

It is useless to complain, isolate ourselves and pretend that others change, because it is a waste of time and energy. Instead, we can focus on ourselves and try to surround ourselves with people who bring us positive things.

Lies and falsehood will always be there, but we decide if we make them part of our lives or not.

A long time ago I understood that those who live pretending are unhappy people. So, instead of feeling anger or rejection towards them, what we should do is have compassion for them, because while they live a life of lies, we can make ours a memorable experience.

We must focus on our goals and people who are on the same vibe.

If we are consistent with what we speak and do, the perspective of things will attract us to people who really provide us with encouraging environments. A hug to all!


Concerns frequently assault our state of mind, especially at this time. However, with each questioning we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that suffocate you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at In this column, he himself will answer you. Let’s see today’s case:

Testimonial: Why is it that I feel like I’m not moving forward, despite the fact that I work hard to achieve all my goals? 2022 is over and I did not meet even 5% of what I proposed at the beginning of the year. I swear it was not a lack of will, rather I would say that things did not happen to me. Please help me with some advice. Thanks a lot”.

Answer: Hello! The first thing we must understand is that although we are responsible for a good part of what happens to us, I would say that there is a missing 10% that will never be under our control or it will not work out as we expect.

Life is full of mysteries and situations that are difficult for us to understand, but finally there are clues that help us at least to perceive this harsh reality in a different way.

I once read a phrase by Bill Gates that I loved: “Life is unfair, get used to it.” Although it seems like a ‘simple’ message, I began to analyze it and realized that it contains more interesting things than I imagined.

The truth is that we have been taught that according to our effort, discipline, will and personality we will achieve what we deserve in life, but really on more than one occasion there are things that, no matter how much we want to achieve, we are not going to achieve them.

Understanding that the rule of reciprocity does not work 100% in various areas of life, allows us to stop carrying weights that do not correspond to us or avoid regretting those supposed ‘missteps’.

Since I understood the power of the aforementioned phrase by Bill Gates, I stopped worrying about the circumstances that I cannot change: I stopped complaining when something goes wrong, I stopped blaming others for my problems, I stopped asking God ” Why me?” and I began to only dedicate my time and energy to what is indeed in my hands to change.

I recommend that you continue fighting for your dreams. And if you don’t reach your goals as you wish, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find wonderful things along the way, because I assure you that those are the best, and for that alone it’s worth the effort. A hug and happy year!

Concept: What is the difficulty? It is a tool that God uses to help us understand and define who we really are. She also usually appears so that we react and prevent the total collapse of our lives.

The following are five ‘suitcases’ that you should never carry: opinions, your past, other people’s problems, ‘what will they say’ and fears.

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress in the body. By being aware of the sighs we feel our breath and immediately the body sends a message to the brain to calm us down. Whatever happens, let’s breathe calmly, feel life and let go of our anxieties.

How authentic are we?