Natalia Zuleta presents her book ‘Three principles for reinvention’, with spiritual reflections

The pandemic that the world has experienced in recent years not only changed the economic, social and political dynamics, but implied profound transformations, lessons learned and challenges that each one has faced in the best way according to their circumstances.

In this new era where contrasting realities converge such as technological development, the climate crisis and the virus that has brought the world to a sudden halt, the author of the book, Natalia Zuleta, proposes a series of reflections towards the future in a historical moment of transformation and a way of rethinking life through the lessons learned and three principles that interconnect for reinvention: spirituality, creativity and sustainability.

“I started writing it during the pandemic at a very important moment of introspection, The most complex thing is to try to open your life story -without sounding pretentious- but also to link it with learning that comes from teachers that I have had in life at different stages, in addition to philosophy, humanology and things that I have read and investigated in my life”, expressed Natalia in dialogue with WEEK.

“Then it was how to find those clues and relationships between the theoretical and philosophical referents and what has happened to me in life and make a story that is close to people, who want to read and can identify with many of the things that happen there to take what serves you for your spiritual evolution”, he added.

Likewise, the author stated that human beings “more than ever we are in a time in which we feel anguish, frustration, unhappiness, we feel that suddenly we have not been able to solve those great existential questions that we have deep down and I think that the book What it does is open the doors to very personal, transcendental reflections that suddenly make you see things in your life that you could be ignoring and that would teach you and help you make decisions and commit yourself to being a happier human. Ultimately, I think that’s one of the primary commitments we have to be ‘happy, loving, whole humans’ and we’re very disconnected from who we are.”

“Rereading my book I realize that it is as if I had been asked to write this book to apply it at this moment in my life, life is full of nuances, ups and downs. I have recently had enormous challenges on an emotional level, as a woman, feeling a lot the challenges that women have, feeling pain, love, sadness… so I read and say: ‘Natalia apply everything you wrote!’ [risas] and I feel that I find those little messages that you, when you read them, say ‘this connects with me, there is something here for me’”stated to WEEK the writer.

writer Natalia Zuleta – Photo: writing press Natalia Zuleta

The communicator took a year and a half to write what she called “a story that was very long”, so she had to do one of the most difficult exercises, but one that she believes was very important, especially during the time she did it, “because it made my mind move,” as he told WEEK. Also, He stressed that his book was born after making a transcendental decision in his life, which generated great changes that allowed him to grow.

In the tour of the text, the author invites to recognize spirituality as a lens to explore the world, devoid of judgments and limitations. Then, he makes a call to reconnect with individual creative potential as an exercise in resilience to live fully from conviction and away from fear.

And finally, it proposes to return to a sustainable view of reality, which implies recognizing evolution as human beings who cohabit a planet and assuming more empathetic, responsible and compassionate habits. “We can restart, reinvent and move towards a revolution that is given not by the material, but by the spiritual, to rediscover what truly makes us great,” says Zuleta.

The author also shares in the book excerpts from one of the most transformative experiences of her life that led her to embark on the path of reinvention and in which the reflections on a powerful trip to Bali turned out to be the genesis of the book that she now presents editorial DIANA of the Planeta group.

Natalia Zuleta presents her book ‘Three principles for reinvention’, with spiritual reflections