The best spiritual series you can find on Netflix

It’s back to school and the need for renewal. Desire for a new life for some, motivation, awareness for others… Why not watch the best spiritual series on Netflix to find inspiration?

The spirituality takes more and more place in our societies. With the crisis of covid, international conflicts, violence or Natural disastersthe need to find one’s place in this world and to give meaning to one’s life is more felt.

The invisible then takes precedence over the visible. This quest to be peace and connected with oneself or the beyond has always existed, but this theme is increasingly evoked in films and series as is the case on Netflix. So if more authenticity and a return to basics appeal to you, if you want to raise your awareness more or embark on personal development, start by connecting to the famous streaming platform !


In this American series broadcast in January 2020, a man from nowhere pretends to be Jesus. The latter succeeds in bringing together thousands of faithful who affirm that he makes miracles. Followers from all over the world will then flock to the Middle East. But who is this new Messiah ? A real be divine or just a scammer? A CIA agent Eva Geller and the Israeli secret services will then carry out the investigation. The series caused a lot of reaction, because accused of propaganda anti islam. Netflix has indicated that there will be no season 2 of this politico-religious thriller for financial reasons.

The path of the olive tree

This turkish series has been on the platform since July 2022. It tells the story of three friends who decide to go to a seaside resort when they learn that one of them has a cancer. They will then face unresolved past traumas through therapy from which they will emerge transformed. Friendship, self-discovery, resilience made it a hit series.

Layla M.

In this Dutch drama released in 2016, we follow a young high school girl. Layla lives with a loving family of Moroccan origin who encourage her to study medicine. But this brilliant student feels more and more a victim of discrimination. She will gradually fall into theradical Islam and make bad encounters like with Abdel, a young jihadist with which she will decide to leave Syria. She will then realize that she ultimately did not make the right choice. An achievement that points to the dangers of religious extremism and the terrible consequences that flow from it. The film was also named at the 90ᵉ ceremony of the Oscars in the category “best foreign language film”.

Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country is a documentary series that looks back on an incredible case from the 80s to United Statesthat ofOsho (Baghwan of his real name), an Indian guru who decides to settle with his thousands of disciples in theOregon (in Antelope) thus creating a city from scratch. This sect named Rajneesphuram was mostly made up of wealthy Westerners who thought they were going to make the world a better place. A real standoff will ensue with the inhabitants of Antelope and the justice American. Thanks to numerous archives and meticulous investigative work, the saga of 6 episodes leaves us speechless as the story is incredible.

survive death

What happens after the death ? Who hasn’t asked themselves this question? This is the question that the 2021 documentary series tries to answer by drawing on testimonies, near-death experiences and Paranormal phenomenons. There are also opinions from international scientists and experts. The series is based on the best-selling novel by the investigative journalist Leslie Kean. survive death had come under a lot of criticism for the timing of its release, which coincided with the health crisis that caused many deaths. Others felt that on the contrary, it offered a glimmer of hope, especially to those who had lost a loved one during this sad period.

The Good Place

Here’s a hilarious comedy that aired in 2016 that tackles the death from an interesting angle. After a deadly accidentEleonor wakes up and finds herself in the “right place” (the good place in English) thanks to his good deeds. But the young woman will quickly realize that it is a mistake and that she has been confused with another person. However, to keep her place in the afterlife, she will have to make efforts and become a better person: morealcoholno more insults. The Good Place is a series of which we retain some life lessons through philosophical thoughts, but always with a humor well dosed.

The Last Shaman

In this documentary released in 2017, we follow a young man named Freeman who suffers from a deep nervous breakdown and decides to go to Amazon in order to follow a ritual. He then gives himself a year to heal otherwise he will consider commit suicide. So this is his last chance. The Last Shamanevokes interesting themes such as the lifestyle of Western societies, the journey towards oneself, the meaning of one’s existence and of course depression, this evil of the century. It is also an opportunity to discover what a shaman ritual is in the Amazon.

The best spiritual series you can find on Netflix