The work of the Cordovan artist MAEC is exhibited at the College of Lawyers until January 6


The work of the Cordovan artist MAEC, pseudonym of Antonio Ángel Mariscal Gaitán, is exhibited from December 15 at the College of Lawyers of Córdoba until January 6, with visiting hours from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 00 and from 17:30 to 19:30 and on Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00.

As highlighted by the College of Law, “MAEC’s work goes back to his time as an architecture student in Seville, when he earned a few quarters painting unusual perspectives of squares and corners of the city, drawings that robbed many hours of sleep and searches for unattainable angles”.

In this regard, they point out that “almost half a century separates us from that student to the artist who is presenting himself today, a period of maturation for a creator who has traveled, with deep knowledge, the path that goes from figurativism to conceptualism”.

In this way, throughout his work, MAEC has been leaving clues, “and if you know how to follow them, you will see why they lead to a Christ crowned on thorns with his acronym”, to which they add that “the work of Maec has a halo of mystical light that points to the chosen ones”, hence the invitation to reach her.

Specifically, they explain that “9/11, a date that is already part of the collective unconscious, represents a crucial turning point in the vital narrative of MAEC”, given that “the fall of the World Trade Center started the hands of a clock interior in this artist who, without hesitation, left everything behind and headed for New York with an architectural project under his arm named ‘World Spiritual Center'”.

In this sense, they detail that “it is a proposal that springs from the soul of a sensitive man who, in the face of financial speculation, the merchants of the temple, proposes the reconstruction of the twin towers as a place of prayer.”

Thus, they emphasize that it is “a brilliant proposal in all aspects: due to the elegance of the chosen solution, preserving the structure of the buildings; due to the light that radiates from the torch that crowns the complex to illuminate the dark horizon behind the disaster, and, above all, for transcending the economic to delve into a worldview that unites religions in a single spirituality”.


After “the American dream”, MAEC returns to his native Córdoba to work on a new project. “If before he had tried to reach men through the spirit, now he had to do it from the heart, with a construction that looks directly into the eyes from his eye, that twists between eros and thanatos, that turns the leg of an erotic drawing into a symbol of non-conformity: the ‘Pierneta'”, they point out from the entity.

Said work, “which begins by detaching itself from a female body to take on its own life first as a line, then as a painting, later as a sculpture, finally ends as an architectural proposal that seeks to be located in an emblematic place in Córdoba to challenge the observer from there “, according to the information provided by the College of Lawyers, among other aspects.

The work of the Cordovan artist MAEC is exhibited at the College of Lawyers until January 6