From the visual arts they celebrate 508 years of Remedios • Workers

By Manuel Eduardo Jimenez Mendoza

On June 24, San Juan de los Remedios reached its 508th anniversary of being founded as a town. Its history collects pages of legends, myths and traditions that have endured throughout these narrow and partying years.

Although, for many, the most important festival is the parrandas, reality has shown that San Juan is the beginning of a year in this town, which, as always, is reborn every day before the eyes of the spirits that accompany us.

Within the framework of the celebrations this year, five exhibitions were held in various spaces in the city, four of them personal and one collective.

Among these (where) personal exposure occurred Impermanence of the young visual artist Yaditcy Andrea Toledo, who unveiled her art to the public with the ingenuity of embroidery on canvas. Spirituality loaded with fine and sometimes grotesque lace, it covers aspects of daily life, modernity, the force to supplant needs and transmit, as artists who use the line art, the hope.

Jesús Díaz Rojas, a writer from Remedio, in his opening remarks stated that in the exhibition Impermanence“there are defining moments, where a woman offers her nudity with loose threads on pieces of canvas, a man seated with his back seems to sink into the distance to try a spiritual introspection that frees him from the moment he lives and suffers, in his hand he holds a bundle of something more than hopes”.

Similarly, the Office of the Curator of the Heritage City of San Juan de los Remedios hosted the exhibition fables of a dreamer of the prominent Naif artist, Julián Espinoza, popularly known as Wayacón.

fables… It is a touch of the most current that Wayacón has done, from painting pants, berets and shoes, where he replaces the traditional rough paint schemes. In this, his most recent personal exhibition, he expressed how satisfied he feels in the city to which he owes so much, where he made his family, much of his work and the best of experiences. intimate.

The collective sample synesthesia, It is based in the Museo Casa Alejandro García Caturla, with several plastic artists who gave the public part of their most innovative works. Alfredo Perdomo, Erick González, Gilberto Zurén, Giselle Marrero, José A. Ocampo, Yanieski Camiña and Yunierkis Rojas (Pichy), were the artists invited to this exhibition, as well as Reinier Luaces, who also assumed the curatorship, expresses that this exhibition “explores different ways of seeing art, based on dissimilar aesthetic and formal codes, where the senses mix and their combinations are perceived, transforming the perception and experience of the here and now.”

synesthesiawith a minimalist intention in its museography, bets on a fresh look at contemporary art from the interior of the island.

The exhibition was installed at the UNEAC municipal headquarters Tribute to Cinema, the plastic artist and member of this institution Ismael Rodríguez González-Pardo; who with 15 pictorial representations shows his passion for cinema through an exercise where portraits of icons of universal cinematography are defined and where the difference of a very strong work is rooted in the background of the canvas.

Mirladys Ventura, cultural promoter of the municipal UNEAC, in the text of the catalog states: “tribute to cinema It is an exhibition where the artist shows a creative maturity, consolidating a refined method with constant work, and it is not that the search has come to an end, but the search is already there”.

Besides, they the ones of the wine, personal expo of the plastic artist Zaida del Río in the Carlos Enríquez Gallery where, it was the culmination of the samples exhibited in the town. The artist and winemaker Liudmila García were present at the inauguration, along with local authorities, creators from the province and the people of Remedia.

The exhibition consists of 15 paintings that, although it is not the largest of Zaida’s exhibitions, serves as an excuse to delve into the world of winemaking, as expressed by Arístides Vega in the words of the catalogue, “it’s just a pretext,” he says. to draw us all the experience accumulated in an intense life of those who have a proverbial ability to stop their eyes at those apparently inaccessible points”

The eighth largest town in Cuba, which transcends the barriers of old age, is rejuvenated thanks to the art that flourishes every day in its history.

From the visual arts they celebrate 508 years of Remedios • Workers