The Government attentive to “Big Brother”: Cerruti crossed a participant

The spokesperson for the Presidency, Gabriela Cerruttiwent out tonight at the crossroads of a participant of Big Brother who stated that the president Alberto Fernández “bribed him a lot of times.” “Having learned of the statements made about President Alberto Fernández by a participant in the Big Brother program broadcast by Telefé, we are forced to say: the President does not have information about this person nor does he remember having met her“Cerruti emphasized on his Twitter account.

Alberto Fernández would denounce Alfa from “Big Brother” if he does not retract, according to his lawyer

Alfa made a strong accusation against Alberto Fernández.

The harsh accusation of “Alfa” against Alberto Fernández

The national official referred to statements made by Walter Santiago, nicknamed “Alphawho said he knew the head of state through the Buenos Aires legislator Claudio Ferreño.

“My best friend, since elementary school, is Claudio Ferreño, Alberto Fernández’s right-hand man. I’ve known Alberto for 35 years. Alberto Fernández bribed me a lot of times. I know Alberto Fernández very well”, launched the participant of the television program.

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In this context, the spokesperson for the Presidency continued: “As everyone knows, throughout his public career, Alberto Fernández has never been involved in acts of corruption. He has made transparency a central purpose of his administration in public function”.

“Preserving his honor, we cannot naturalize that if someone expresses himself slightly in such a way that he only seeks defame and discredit himCerruti argued.

the alpha
Walter Santiago, nicknamed the “Alpha”.

Gabriela Cerruti asked Telefe and “Big Brother” to retract

And he completed: “Being a decent and honest person is an inalienable value, so we asked Telefe, the production of Big Brother and the participant to retract and cease this aggravating attitude“.

On the second day of entering the house of the reality show, Walter Santiago shot: “There are many politicians who have tied themselves to power, which are: (Antonio) Cafiero, Cafiero’s children, Cafiero’s grandchildren. The Saadi. The Rodríguez Saá. That they have entrenched themselves in power and have made fortunes with politics. People are a little tired of all that.”

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“It’s the same thing that happened with the military. There were soldiers who were rubbish and soldiers who were good people. That’s what happens when people get fed up,” said the participant during a political discussion with his partner from the reality show and former deputy of the Front of All Romina Uhrig.

Lastly, he referred to the government’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic: “What they did with the pandemic, with the vaccination, with the VIP vaccination, and with the Fabiola Yañez party… It was embarrassing for the people!” .


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The Government attentive to “Big Brother”: Cerruti crossed a participant