She broke it as a TV actress, but she got tired of the city and found an amazing path in meditation: the new life of Agustina Córdova

Augustine Cordova She is one of those actresses who marked a generation of boys, since she gave life to popular characters from recognized youth fiction between 2000 and 2017. Despite her long career, He made the decision to completely distance himself from the media and began a new routine in the Mendoza vineyards.. Currently, she divides her life between family, modeling, mediation and spirituality.

It was the year 2002 when the young artist arrived in the City of Buenos Aires to try her luck in the Channel 13 fashion contest, “Super M”. It was at that time that her name began to sound, in fact, she was one of the favorites of the contest because not only stood out for her beauty, but also for her great charisma and humility.

Despite the great work he did on the catwalks of the television program, Córdova failed to consecrate the winner of the contest. Thanks to her way of being, her career did not end and new doors were opened for her that led her to stand out not only in the modeling industry, but also in acting and theater.

A young actress with a promising future

After passing through “Super M”, the Mendoza dabbled in acting and quickly stood out as a young talent. Her first participation was in the telenovela “Doctor Love”where he played the role of “Valerie”. Then, in 2004, she gave life to one of the most remembered characters of her career, “Maggie Iraola” in the renowned comedy “The babysitter”.

Since then, her acting career has not stopped growing. By 2005 she was part of the cast of the renowned novel “The Roldáns” and the following year he “broke” it in the youth strip by Cris Morena, “Pirate Soul”. Already in 2007 her popularity was such that she was summoned to participate in “The Circus of the Stars”a funny segment that was part of the program of Susana Gimenez.

One of the most remembered moments of Córdoba is his performance in the third season of “Almost angels”. In 2009 she was summoned to play “Sol”, a psychologist who falls in love with one of her patients, the young and troubled “Simón” who was played by the heartthrob Pablo Martínez.

By the end of the first decade of the 2000s, she made a big change for her acting career because she left youthful characters aside to join as a dramatic interpreter in Bootiesthe telenovela starring Romina Gaetani and Nicolás Cabré, where she gave life toCandy. Back then she also made her film debut in gelcoma film starring Mariano Martínez.

After almost 20 years in the media, unexpectedly, she was never seen on television as an actress again. Some time after her retirement, it was learned that she decided to do a 360-degree turn, since she chose to dedicate herself full time to modeling and found new paths related to meditation, astrology and spirituality.

Agustina did not leave modeling.

The new life of Agustina Córdova

The former actress was the protagonist of several romances with renowned figures such as Nicolás Cabré, the soccer player representative Gustavo Mascardi, the tennis player José “Chucho” Acassusso and the actor Gastón Soffritti, but she found true love next to martin bustamante in 2019.

In 2020, Agustina Córdova and her partner they became parents of a baby they named Andes. Before the arrival of the baby, the couple decided to leave the rhythm of life in the city and They set up their home in the model’s native province, Mendoza. The objective of this radical change is to be able to raise the child more calmly and in full contact with nature.

After moving away from television, he undertook new work projects. In addition to fully dedicating herself to modeling and taking into account her new lifestyle in the Mendoza vineyards, she is co-creator of a country clothing brand in which it sells country type clothing such as ponchos, espadrilles, among other items.

Also, for a few years, he found a new path of spirituality in conjunction with meditation and astrology. Since then he has been an influencer on these issues and not only gives advice from the Universo Diksha account, but also also offers classes on yoga and this oriental lifestyle.

Córdova is a meditation and yoga teacher in Mendoza.

She broke it as a TV actress, but she got tired of the city and found an amazing path in meditation: the new life of Agustina Córdova