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When the fourth season of Netflix’s reality series Too Hot To Handle premiered on December 7, 2022, viewers noticed the upgrades. Aside from a new villa set in the Caribbean, a new host in Mario Lopez, and a doubled $200,000 prize pool, the cast itself features a compelling crop of international cast members who balance desirable personalities and gameplay. strategy that makes them more likeable and easier. to root for that others.

All things considered, the most memorable actors from the fourth season of Too Hot To Handle are those who amuse fans, play by the rules, know how to have fun, and are willing to expose their vulnerabilities.


While popular and busy as can be, Seb Melrose broke more house rules than anyone on the fourth season of Too Hot To Handle. The Scottish racing driver indeed moves quickly, jumping from Jawahir to Kayla in a flash before getting his head turned by new entry Flavia. Seb is funny, charming and fun to be around, but he has no respect for the rules of the game or how breaking them affects others.

After facing massive penalties for breaking Lana’s rules with Kayla, it seemed like Seb was repenting by abstaining from sexual activity while spending the night in the suite with Kayla. Alas, the two ended up having sex in the shower the next day, which cost $50,000 and burned all of the household’s trust in Seb.


The walking manifestation of Lana, James has become a hilarious hall monitor who won’t accept any broken rules inside the villa no matter what. More interested in settling his student debt than finding real romance on the hit reality show, James became so militant about keeping tabs on his housemates that he ignored sexual advances from British.

It’s no surprise that the rest of the house sees James as the villa’s unofficial poop who continues to berate his roommates for every sexual indiscretion they commit. Although funny at first, the annoying shtick alienates others. One wonders if James would act this way if Kayla accepted his advances early on. Although technically a good player, James is too rigid and inflexible.


Denied by James at every turn, it’s hard not to feel bad for Brittan. The Hawaiian model has a unique spirit and is obsessed with sex on a daily basis. Watching her smack it over and over again with James is fun at first but gets too dull and repetitive to bear. The one-note Brittan arc left a lot to be desired despite her likable personality.

Unwilling to leave James behind and move on to another bachelor, Brittan has limited her own options on the show, which cuts into her screen time and makes her less appealing to mainstream actors. Although she has a magnetic personality, Brittan hasn’t had enough opportunities to make a lasting impression.


Nigel Jones is cooler, sexier and wiser than his competitors and knows how to use his love experiences to manipulate his rivals and put himself in an advantageous position. For example, he kept his options open with Dominique and Jawahir after connecting with Kayla, which sounds dodgy, but it’s a smart way to have fun and give yourself a chance to win the game right away.

Besides being the most desired man in the villa that Jawa, Dom and Kayla all sought out on day one, what makes Nigel compelling is his sense of humor, cheerful demeanor, irresistible smile and his ability to make others around him feel. happier. Alas, he may be too in love with himself to find a real connection with Netflix’s guilty pleasure dating show, which knocks him down a notch.


Like most bachelors, Creed was drawn to Kayla and set out to win her affection. When that didn’t work out, he noticed Sophie’s gaze and the two began to form one of the most tender and touching true romances of Season 4. Although he could be a little awkward at times , Creed went out of his way to play by the rules and was an honest gentleman most of the time.

Alas, when Peruvian bombshell Flavia entered the villa and tempted Creed into the bathroom together, Creed could only resist for so long. In episode 5, Creed broke up with Sophie to pursue Sophie, which made fans much less like him, even though he seemed to follow his heart.


The smartest cast of the season, Dominique Defoe does not suffer fools. The software engineer is kind, caring and outspoken and went out of his way to expose Nigel’s playboy ways after he hit her after her date with Kayla. Kayla was not only grateful and ended things with Nigel as a result, but Dom doubled down on her concerns by talking to Nigel.

After making Nigel realize that she won’t be anyone’s second consolation prize, Dom took the power away from Nigel and spoke up for herself, which made her kinder and easier to support. . While she lacks screen time compared to others, Dom has a good heart deep down.


With undeniable star power and radiant charisma, Kayla Richart was the most desired bachelor of season 4 of the famous reality show and thus dominated the screen time. Kayla initially chose to be with Nigel, only to opt for Seb instead when she learned that Nigel was also interested in Dominique. While that decision convinced fans of her, she broke far too many rules in the shower with Seb, costing the band a big change.

However, what makes Kayla so easy to love despite breaking the rules is her emotional vulnerabilities, which she shared after Seb’s sudden date with new bombshell Flavia in a tearful confession about her past. . More tellingly, Kayla knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to pursue it, which only makes her more empowered and endearing.


By far the funniest cast member of Season 4, Jawahir Khalifa is a constant joy to be around. The Dutch model is humble and self-deprecating, and the way she was rejected by Nigel made her heart skip a beat from the first episode. Her subsequent romantic bond with Nick blossomed into one of the most tender and wholesome parts of the season.

After Jawa and Nick shared a compassionate kiss, the two grew stronger and more inseparable. This makes Jawa more approachable and easy to root for, especially now that Nigel is no longer on his mind. But make no mistake, it’s Jawa’s jokes and hilarious quotes that continue to resonate and make her such a lovable actor.


Although he seemed aloof at first while spending time alone meditating on Netflix’s fun reality show, Nick Kici has a laid-back Yogi vibe and laid-back demeanor that bolsters his spiritual side. He was drawn to Jawahir when everyone else went after Kayla, and never wavered in his quest to make a meaningful connection with her. He even serenaded Jawa in an awkward but adorable moment.

Once Nick and Jawa completed the body painting challenge together, Nick doubled down on his commitment to Jawa and vowed to continue knowing her on a deep emotional level. He may not be a rebel who breaks the rules, but Nick is a genuine, decent guy who continues to play by the rules.


When it comes to entertaining fans, playing by the rules, and making real connections all at once, Sophie Stonehouse is the top performer this season of Too Hot to Handle. Grounded, humble and well-mannered, the English role model has no pretense or self-glorifying attitudes. She’s relatable and easy to support in her romance with Creed, the season’s top couple.

Beyond her kindness and sweet attitude, Sophie’s refusal to kiss new boy Ethan on their date, even when he had a free pass and happened to be her type, proves how big a heart she has and how attached she remains to Creed. Sophie would not have incurred a penalty for kissing Ethan and always refused to do so out of consideration for Creed’s feelings.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4: 10 Best Cast Members, Ranked | Pretty Reel