Spirituality: Five rituals to attract good health


Through the use of various objects and practices, they help to seek health in different aspects of life; everyone has their way of doing it and their issues to take into account

Rituals consist of a series of steps
or actions to follow, in order to obtain a certain result that is related to the spirit world. That is, they work the energy to be able to achieve certain goals or reinforce personal well-being.

Rituals have been used for centuries, considering the elements of the earth as a key tool to invoke wishes. Earth, water, fire and air are the main ingredients that are part of these activities.

Also, depending on cultures and beliefs, many may include images, figures, statues, altars, precious stones, food, or prayers. They must always be carried out from a positive desire to achieve the goal. wellness own or loved ones.

How do the rituals work?

There are several points to take into account when carrying out a ritual. Although they can be carried out simultaneously, it is advisable to dedicate time and space to each of these separately.

The best time of day to carry out these rites is during the morning, since it is necessary to have solar energy. In some specific cases, they can be carried out at night, in full or new moon seasons.

If candles are used, they should be alchemized and lit only with matches. The same goes for the fire needed for incense, palo santo, burning specific herbs, or campfires.

It is necessary to clarify that rituals are not solutions to certain problems. Its use is not intended to replace treatments, medications, indications or medical consultations. These actions work to bring greater light and protection to a specific area of ​​life. On this occasion, we review five of the most popular rituals for good health.

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This exercise aims improve overall health, promote growth, provide a sense of tranquility and renewal to whoever does it. To start, green candles are used, which help to enhance both physical and mental well-being. This color is associated with fourth chakrawhich symbolizes the heart.

In this way, this rite promotes the quality of the center of the body. It is related both to all organs and also, in the esoteric world, to emotions. In a quiet place in the house, an altar will be created with this candle. It is placed on a saucer, along with incense or palo santo. Followed by this, a meditation or prayer is carried out, asking for prosperity and good health.

It is performed to strengthen fertility and increase positive energy when looking for a pregnancy. It is necessary to wait for the arrival of the full moon to carry out this procedure.

During the day of this event, a basket with six eggs should be placed on a table in the dining room or center of the home. Next to these, we will light a white candle, making the prayer or special request. Once this is consumed, it can be removed. The eggs will remain for a month or until the next full moon.

This rite is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia, worries and difficulties sleeping. Those who find themselves in difficult situations, which cause them nerves and the inability to relax. The impediment of rest is one of the main factors that worsen or cause different types of diseases, especially those related to the heart and the brain.

There are different ways to include these plants for the performance of rituals. Many of these have medicinal benefits, as well as the ability to provide calm and combat stress for those who use it. For this occasion, the aromatic herbs of preference should be selected, among which are rosemary, mint, lavender, chamomile and linden. Then, this small bouquet is placed under the pillow before sleeping, performing a guided meditation or breathing exercises.

Purification ritual with lemon and rosemary

If a person owns his low defenses or have had a cold several times in the last time, this procedure is ideal. Helps purify the immune system and protect it in the future. This rite begins with filling a pot with water, lemon slices, salt, and rosemary. Bring the preparation to a boil for 15 minutes and let it cool.

During the night, this liquid will be used when bathing. The bathtub should be filled with hot water and then this compound added. This exercise will also help with stress, thanks to the wonderful relaxing qualities of rosemary.

Law of attraction ritual

For this exercise, it is necessary to keep a positive and clear mind. It can take time and practice to do this effectively, as there are many common mistakes. In a quiet place in the home, a rose quartz or gemstone of choice will be placed, along with a white candle. Following this, on a smooth white sheet, we will begin to write a list of thanks.

These should be affirmations that show gratitude to the universe for certain aspects. The sentences should always have a positive tone and avoid any type of negative word. An example of this can be: “Thank you universe for strengthening my health.” Once finished, the paper is placed under the saucer of the candle and proceeds to light, until it is completely consumed.

Spirituality: Five rituals to attract good health