6 spiritual places in France to practice prayer healing

Prayer healing is a personal practice that can be done in religious faith or not. If you need to go to a church, temple, mosque or synagogue to pray, here are the places I recommend.

Call where you are, the Saint you call will always be there to answer at the right time. The forces you put into action will be available immediately. A single rule for the person who must pray or invoke a Saint, he must deeply believe in what he is doing and above all, he must be deeply convinced of the usefulness of his prayer. You can either choose a prayer from your religion or a prayer you have made yourself. If you are convinced of what you do and what you say when praying, you will get great results. Only one thing perhaps to add and advise, never pray selfishly for yourself alone. Think and pray for your friends, your family, for peace in the world. In this way, you will make everyone benefit from the effects of your prayer.

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In addition to prayer, you can go directly to a spiritual high place to ask for improvement in your job, finances, health, or feelings. Even if there is no particular blockage at home, you can still go to a spiritual place just to find a little more energy and serenity.

An inner transformation

I must say that I very often had the opportunity to go myself to a high place of prayer, a cathedral, a mosque or a synagogue and, each time, the same magic happened. A kind of inner transformation that makes us feel very small, humble and at peace with the world. Serenity invades you, to feel completely invested by the place in which you are. From this moment, the prayer or the request that you have to formulate, is done by itself as if it had always been natural. No doubt is then present in your mind and you are then able to remain immersed, for a very long time, in deep meditation where you regularly feel a very strong spiritual force penetrating you little by little. It is a very pleasant moment that I absolutely recommend.

Here are now known places of prayer in France, along with their addresses, Saints to be mentioned and a brief summary of the history of each place. You can use them in the most desperate cases, but also to reinforce a healing action.

Our Lady of Salette

  • Address : sanctuary near the village of Salette, in Isère.
  • What grace to ask : all graces and healings.
  • Who to invoke : Our Lady of La Salette in front of her statue.
  • Historical : after the apparitions of Our Lady of Salette in 1847 and a quick investigation, the bishop of Grenoble declared that the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, carried in themselves, all the characteristics of the truth. Since then, this place has become the second most frequented place in France after Lourdes.

Evry-Courcouronnes Mosque

  • Address : 20 rue Georges Brassens 91080 Évry-Courcouronnes, in Essonne.
  • Who to invoke : Allah
  • What grace to ask : all thanks.
  • Historical : after ten years of work, the largest mosque in France was born in 1994 in Évry-Courcouronnes. Both a place of worship and an Islamic cultural center, it was financed by private and institutional donors, the main ones being King Hassan II of Morocco and the King of Saudi Arabia. The large prayer hall can accommodate 1500 people. The Islamic cultural center receives an average of one thousand visitors per month. They can discover the exhibitions which are regularly organized.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

  • Address : 140, rue du Bac in Paris VII.
  • What grace to ask : all graces and healings.
  • Who to invoke : the Blessed Virgin before the altar of the chapel.
  • Historical : in 1830, Catherine Labourée went to Paris to do her novitiate at the convent in rue du Bac. A few days later, she attended in the chapel, the apparition of the Virgin Mary, who said to her “Come to the foot of this altar. There, graces will be spread on all those who ask for them with confidence.” Catherine Labourée attended a second apparition a few days later when the Blessed Virgin asked her to have a medal struck on a very specific model so that she could bring grace to the people who would wear it. Since then, this medal has been distributed every year in very large quantities.

Protestant temple of Chambon-sur-Lignon

  • Address : Chemin des Bretchs, 43400 Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, in Auvergne.
  • What grace to ask : all thanks.
  • Who to invoke : André Trocmé, of the Reformed Church of France, his wife Magda Trocmé, as well as his assistant pastor Édouard Theis.
  • Historical : from December 1940 to September 1944, the inhabitants of Chambon-sur-Lignon offered refuge to more than 5,000 Jews. Under the initiative of André Trocmé, the inhabitants of this village offered refuge in their homes, in hotels, farms and in schools. They fabricated fake identity papers and fake ration cards for the refugees and, in some cases, helped them cross the border into neutral Switzerland. Since then, the Protestant Temple of this village has become a high place of prayer for both Jews and Protestants.

Our Lady of Deliverance

  • Address : Douvres la Délivrande, in Calvados.
  • What grace to ask : all graces and healings.
  • Who to invoke : Notre Dame de la Délivrande, in front of the statue in the church.
  • Historical : the local tradition reports that the Count of Bessin discovered a statue of the Virgin Mary thanks to a sheep which searched the ground by always kicking the same place. In the 12th century, Louis XI came twice on pilgrimage. He has since attributed to the statue of Notre Dame de Délivrande all sorts of healings and successes.

The Great Synagogue of Paris

  • Address : 44, rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris.
  • What grace to ask : All graces and healings.
  • Who to invoke : YHWH
  • Historical : It was Alfred-Philibert Aldrophe, architect of the Jewish community at the end of the 19th century, who was entrusted with the construction of the future largest Synagogue in Paris between 1867 and 1874. Note that the interior of this Synagogue also called Synagogue de la Victoire has been listed as a historical heritage since 1987 and will make you discover a striking decor: an impressive nave and magnificent stained glass windows made by Antoine Lusson, Eugène Oudinot and Lefèvre, which represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

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6 spiritual places in France to practice prayer healing