These are the trendy places in Dubai, the city of the future

Between the desert and the Persian Gulf, the city of the future has sprung up. A city of steel, asphalt and glass capable of challenging the same time. It stops two hundred meters high when the forty degrees of temperature are relieved by immersing ourselves in the panoramic pool that shows what we are about to discover with the permission of the haze. But “there is no rush.” It seems the motto of the Aura skypool where we have come to stop to take the pulse of dubai. or rather the tempo. It appears to have accelerated in recent decades, with the emirate bent on to be at the top of luxury and sophistication at the beating of a checkbook, innovation and Guinness record. It is not trivial. Turning a sun-baked sandbank into the city of the future has merit, but turning an oil well into a tourist gem even more so.

Dubai has been chosen as the Number 1 World Destination in TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards for the second year in a row. “This recognition supports the goal of the recently launched D33 Dubai Economic Agenda to cement Dubai’s status as one of the world’s top three destinations for tourism and business,” according to Dubai Tourism. In figures: the city has received 12.82 million international tourists between January and November 2022 and the goal is to reach 40 million by 2031.

These are the trendy places in Dubai, the city of the future – Forbes Spain