Phase, on the radio the new single Per come sei tu: “ I tell the soul and freedom of people ”


From Friday 28 October 2022, “Per come sei tu”, the new single from Phase in collaboration with Irene Sanguineti (prominent tiktoker, which deals with issues related to the theme of the song on the social profile, is available in radio rotation and on all streaming platforms ). “As you are” deals with a very delicate subject, that of anxiety disorder in the form of panic attacks. The song written by Valerio Urti, underlines the moods, the past of life and the most hidden troubles of the Turin artist who, with this new single, embarks on a new artistic and personal path.


The historical collaborators and instrumentalists who appear in the project see Claudio Arfinengo on drums (drummer of Finardi and collaborator with Bunna, Zibba and others) and on the bass, also as co-producer of the song, Marco Lamagna (bassist of Finardi ). Here’s what the young Turin singer-songwriter, Valerio Urti, told us.

How did the idea for the video clip of ‘Per come sei tu’ come about?
The video was born on a July night and is meant to be a social experiment, where the leading actor alternates between parts sitting on an armchair to scrutinize the soul of the people who meet his magnetic gaze, to dances that represent the sense of freedom that harbors in each of us. All this takes place inside a deliberately white room. White was chosen as it represents purity, spirituality and the wisdom of old age with strongly spiritual meanings.

Lorenzo Valle (the protagonist) is a real figure in the images, but abstract in this case as he represents our conscience, our fears, our emotions and all those that can be the feelings contained within the mind and heart. Back to memory Marina Abramovich and her wonderful performances. The idea was born from this experiment, a source of inspiration for this music video suitable to underline the text and the theme of the song. Any script or plot to be followed by both the protagonist and the participating actors has been forbidden, everything you see in the video is the result of the emotions that the components felt in the video in a mix between words of the song, musicality and their own emotions. hidden gifts with a glance to someone else. Each character has its own history and past, which enclose their internal emotions (loves, fears, panic, phobias and uncertainties) letting them go in a liberating dance that we dance each with their own intimacy in the open space of the subconscious.

When did you get into music?
I got close to music right from the start. Continuous travels with my parents have greatly influenced my choice of wanting to make music. A sense of happiness mixed with excitement pervaded me when I listened to Battisti on all long journeys, Lucio Dalla, Venditti, Renzo Arbore, Pooh, Pink Floyd, Queen, Umberto Tozzi and others. I would also like to pay homage to my father, who is no longer here, affirmed that I owe everything to him from now on. The support of him in everything I wanted to do was the trigger for this single and those to come as well. The first guitar pedalboard, built by him with recycled material, I still have it!

The first record you listened to?
This is a question that makes my eyes shine. The first record I listened to was “In this world of thieves” by Venditti, I still remember when at 4 or 5 I jumped on the bed cantone the songs. The record that I listened to and listened to carefully, consuming every minute, was “Definitely Maybe” by Oasis. And the latter was the first real spark that started it all.

What is the common thread of your songs?
The common thread of my songs, especially as regards the outgoing ones, is the description of my feelings, my fears, my loves, my dreams, my turbulent being that has always accompanied me, my disappointments and everything. what I have inside and that I wanted to lay bare to get rid of my ghosts. I think that letting anyone who listens to my songs live their own story is what I tried to do in writing them even at the musical level of the pieces.

Upcoming projects?
The next projects include the release of other songs, to build something special brick by brick. Next summer, a tour on the stages of Italian festivals will be planned, to then carry around the work coming out in Italian clubs and stages next winter.


Phase, on the radio the new single Per come sei tu: “ I tell the soul and freedom of people ” –