Hilda Strauss, the great lady of television and radio, has died

For Irene Robledo Strauss, daughter of Hilda Strauss, announcer, presenter and businesswoman, her mother “was an example in every way: in generosity, respect, elegance. She left me strength as a legacy, the constancy of carrying out works, of doing work and of humanity, especially the latter, because she was a woman who always took others … Read more

Hilda Strauss, the great lady of television and radio, has died

On the morning of December 20, he died at the Country clinic in Bogotá, Hilda Strauss Cortissozat 89 years old. Born in Barranquilla, she was one of the initiators of television in Colombia and was also part of the radio. For 37 years she broadcasted her program Hilda Strauss radio. (You may want to read: … Read more

El diablo no está invitado : Radio Ambulante

DANIEL ALARCÓN: Esto es Radio Ambulante desde NPR. Soy Daniel Alarcón. (SOUNDBITE DE ARCHIVO) LOCUTOR 1 EMISORA HJCK: El Primer Congreso Mundial de Brujería… LOCUTOR 2 EMISORA HJCK: Del 24 al 28 de agosto se reunirá en Bogotá el Primer Congreso Mundial de Brujería. LOCUTOR 1 EMISORA HJCK: A él concurrirán los más importantes conocedores … Read more

Phase, on the radio the new single Per come sei tu: “ I tell the soul and freedom of people ”

Advertisement From Friday 28 October 2022, “Per come sei tu”, the new single from Phase in collaboration with Irene Sanguineti (prominent tiktoker, which deals with issues related to the theme of the song on the social profile, is available in radio rotation and on all streaming platforms ). “As you are” deals with a very … Read more

Radio VM Victoriaville celebrates its 20th anniversary

Since 2002, the programming of Radio VM (Ville-Marie) has benefited from programs produced in Victoriaville. A nice addition for this different radio, focused on spirituality. To highlight the event and ensure the follow-up, a benefit concert is organized on October 30. It is at 89.3 FM that we can hear this radio in Victoriaville. Martin … Read more

Episcopal ordination. Perugia welcomes Don Ivan. The day live with La Voce and Umbria Radio

Don Ivan Maffeis elected bishop of Perugia – Città della Pieve The episcopal ordination of Don Ivan Maffeis, the new bishop of Perugia – Città della Pieve, with the simultaneous taking of canonical possession of the archdiocese, takes place on Sunday 11 September 2022 in the cathedral of San Lorenzo. The rite is preceded by … Read more

Modica, the “Pope John XXIII” hosts the Ukrainian boys | Radio RTM Modica

Five months have already passed since eighteen children and two educators, all from the tormented land of Ukraine, are guests at the Magnificat village, in the Scorrione district, in Modica. Five months where volunteers and qualified operators tried to alleviate the discouragement of the children who come from Eastern Europe.Villa Tasca, this is the name … Read more

Alfredito Linares and his ‘Mambo rock’: “I never paid payola to play on the radio”

This is a space for free and independent expression that exclusively reflects the authors’ points of view and does not compromise the thinking or opinion of Las2orillas. It was the year 1975, when the trumpets of Tito Chicoma, Baltazar Herrera and Antonio Alzamora burst in, and at the piano a slender young man with an … Read more

Restorative justice: the crossroads of the Atikamekw | Radio

They walk silently in the snow, in the middle of Nitaskinan, the traditional territory which, with each step, reveals itself a little more. Fresh animal tracks on the left, a lake on the right, fir trees and hardwoods all around. The four Atikamekw men pull their sled in which are a pair of snowshoes and … Read more