Despair, an objective of madurismo

Madurismo advances an offensive directed against collective spirituality, it consists of leaving the masses without leaders, without ideas, without goals, it tries to crush all hope, plunge it into oblivion; strip it of all will to fight, deliver it defenseless to the clutches of capitalism. Madurismo, with its manifest ineptitude, its character as a trade union lumpen could not engender something different from this campaign.

A people without leaders, without spirituality, lacks reasons to keep it united, loses its history, it is not really a people, it is an imprecise mass that is diluted, blurred, until it disappears. It is a non-people incapable of any constructive collective task, incapable of defending itself, of defending anything, it only moves en masse towards oblivion, a stampede towards nothingness.

The campaign is intertwined with the delivery of the economy to the new social relationships that emanate from that delivery, to the psyche that is based on it. They intend to leave the mass without leaders; “everyone is corrupt”, they say; Corruption is the center of all difficulties, and corrupt will be the one that is pointed out by its immense communication apparatus, of distortion of reality, thus the madurismo is free of all guilt. It is enough to classify someone as corrupt for him to lose his human rights, anything goes against that corrupt person, he has no right to life, to anything.

At this time, a true civil war is underway, but very effective; it does not intend to occupy territory, its objective is the collective soul: madurismo against the defenseless mass. The destiny of the Homeland is being decided, which is already being diluted. The exodus of millions, the despair of many are symptoms of the seriousness of the situation. We are at war for the existence of the country… and we are losing it.

However, it is in these difficult times that the caste of this liberating people of continents emerges. It is at a time similar to this, when everything was considered lost, that Simon emerges and breaks the unanimity of slavery. It is in moments like these that the generation of 28 emerges and keeps hope burning. It is in similar situations that the Patriotic Junta of Fabricio arises, which defeats the hitherto invincible dictatorship of Pérez Jiménez. It is in the darkest moments of the night of the fourth republic when the guerrillas of Fabricio, Argimiro, Douglas emerge and point to the resistance that culminates with the dawn of February 4 and the “for now” of Chavez, and beyond.

It is the duty of the revolutionaries, it is a debt of authentic Chavismo, to fight against the madurismo that was engendered in its entrails, it is a duty to defeat it and restore hope to the masses. Actions that awaken the sleeping mass are the duty of authentic Chavismo.

We are sure, it is about to happen, there are already signs of awakening, that there will be a reaction from the best of Venezuelans. At first it will be from a very small group of brave people, but that surprising reaction will restore hope, and then, this people of Bolívar and Chávez will show the world what they are capable of.

The claim of madurismo to put an end to the heroic people of Venezuela will crash into the wall of dignity of the patriotic vanguard, which is there in the heart of this rebellious people, which resists the cunning attacks of madurismo and its allies.


Despair, an objective of madurismo