An appointment not to be missed in Rome for lovers of meditation

An appointment not to be missed on Wednesday 20 July in Rome for lovers of meditation. Sri Preethajienlightened philosopher and Indian mystic, philanthropist, author of the best seller “The Four Sacred Secrets” and founder, together with her husband Sri Krishnajiof Ekam, the world center for lighting, will be in Italy for the first time ever.

The appointment is at the Grand Hotel Palatino in Rome. Starting at 5.00 pm it will host a special “Diksha” meditation session for peace and unity. The event is open to everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, and no experience in the field of spirituality is required.

The pursuit of happiness unites human beings of all ages and cultures.

If we take a look at our lives and the world around us, however, we see fear, unhappiness, divisions, conflicts, separation. As a species, however, the inner states we need most are unity, peace, connection, harmony and happiness, trust, compassion, gratitude. Not only do we need them, but we need to know that it is possible to live in these states permanently and not just occasionally.

“Diksha” is a silent meditation that allows you to access higher states of consciousness, beyond the physical and mental dimension. It is an “intelligent” electromagnetic energy, capable of neurobiological reprogramming of the brain, activating the corpus callosum and the frontal lobes and at the same time slowing down the activity of some parietal brain areas, opening up to the experience of the higher self. This dimension of consciousness allows you to reach a state of inner peace and silence and to obtain healings of the heart and body, realizing one’s intentions and desires.

Hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers meet online monthly or go in person to Ekam, India, to listen to the teachings of Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, which in 30 years of activity have reached a total of more than 70 million students. from over 100 countries.

Courses and festivals are organized in Ekam. The best known is the Ekam World Peace Festival, which is held every year and has so far seen the participation of over 20 million people. Sri Preethaji, along with Sri Krishnaji is the mentor and spiritual guide of many world leaders, celebrities, executives and organizations. As pointed out by the famous American singer-songwriter and actor Usher, “with their lessons, through their meditations, we reach a beautiful state of being, which is the best gift we can give to ourselves and to those around us.”

The famous American mental coach Tony Robbins called the book of “The Four Sacred Secrets” an important milestone, because Krishanji and Preethaji offer readers a unique depth and an original philosophy “.

To get to know and experience the teachings and meditations directly, you can connect to the site in Italian synchronizzati.orgo to the official site in English The appointment with Sri Preethaji is Wednesday 20 July 2022, from 5 to 7 pm, at the Grand Hotel Palatino, in via Cavour 213, 00184 Rome. Cost of the ticket: 45 euros, free for school students of all orders. For further information and interviews: tel. 393/505839.

An appointment not to be missed in Rome for lovers of meditation