Nidia Bermejo: when would you return to Peru and why do you feel much admiration for Puno?

Nidia Bermejo replace “little by little” with “step by step”, “try” with “find”. From the age of 23 – now he is 43 – he banishes from his intimate glossary any splash of indecision: “You have to dignify yourself”, she affirms. Worthy, according to the RAE, means deserving of something: perhaps an artistic career that moved from Peru to Mexico in 2019; maybe a spirituality with audiobooks and ayahuasca; maybe a hummingbird-pet. Maybe just the certainty of walking well, under calm. “I put the value that I want on things because they are special to me.”

Calculating the dose of appreciation he learned in the solitude of his childhood: “My brothers were already very big and they didn’t play so much with me anymore. I remember seeing my family watching TV in a separate room and me in the garden crushing little plants, playing little store with paper wrappers. I had many magical moments between the curtains. I remember a lot going around between the curtains”.

And at the age of 6, as if to replicate Calle 13 —one of the groups on his playlist— in the song “Vamo’ a misportarnos”, he took his first theater course. “Raise the curtain, open the curtains!”intones Rene.

Left: Nidia, three years old. Right: Nidia, six years old, together with her parents: Joaquín and Clorinda. Photo: archive by Nidia Bermejo / composition by Álvaro Lozano / La República

—Was it part of the school dynamic or a summer workshop?

—It was a summer workshop at my dad’s work (…). My teacher moved very beautifully and had a very long braid. Pilar, I think her name was (…). She told us to bring old clothes and we put them on, we used hats, gloves, pearls and things like that. She said: “You think theater is wonderful, but this is also theater. You are already characterized to do theater ”. And that opened another thought for me.

Nidia Bermejo: when would you return to Peru and why do you feel much admiration for Puno?