Santa Teresa Viceroyalty Museum of Art, an unmissable site in Peru

It reopened its doors on November 16 after being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. «The Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites of San José (known as Santa Teresa), in Arequipa, was founded in 1710, and since then it has been alive, housing a Community of contemplative Nuns dedicated to praying for the worries of the … Read more

Peru: Film about San Martín de Porres premieres


“Apariciones” is the title of the new film by Peruvian independent filmmaker Mario Pozzi-Escot, whose narrative revolves around the figure of San Martín de Porres confronted with a chaotic and decadent Lima, where, in order to survive, each man must become his own god. The film will be released this Saturday, October 8 at 7 … Read more

Daniel Habif: the speaker who heals souls with his words arrived in Peru


Daniel Habif: the speaker who heals souls with his words and comforts the heart Daniel Habif He achieved success with his videos where he invites people to be a better person full of positivism and gives us tips to achieve happiness. With his messages he heals souls and with his words he comforts wounded hearts … Read more

Viva la Vida! 52° viaggio di solidarietà e speranza della Fondazione Santina in Colombia, Bolivia e Peru. Un’Ave Maria con una prostituta


[ dell’Editore, 25.09.2022 – Vik van Brantegem] – Più volte nei mesi passati, abbiamo promesso a Mons. Luigi (Don Gigi) Ginami, Presidente della Fondazione Santina, di proseguire con la pubblicazione dei Report del suo 52° viaggi di solidarietà e speranza in Colombia, Bolivia e Peru, dopo i Report 52/1 e 52/2. Come abbiamo raccontato il … Read more

Pedro Castillo faces justice amid a sea of ​​accusations in Peru


EFE videos Fentanyl distribution rises 333% in Tijuana and alerts the Mexican border Tijuana (Mexico), Sep 6 (EFE).- The distribution of fentanyl in Tijuana, on the Mexican border with California, increased by 333% in the tourist area, which puts US and Mexican authorities on alert. This increase is estimated based on the seizure of 269 … Read more