Patricia Silva, from ‘Sábados feliz’, won a lawsuit against Caracol Televisión: “There must be dark hands”

On social networks and on television, the woman decided to make her situation with the company clear | Facebook screenshot

Quite a few rumors arose after it became known that Patricia SilvaMember of ‘Happy Saturdays‘, he beat Snail Television a lawsuit through which she claimed to be a pensioner. However, she herself came out to clarify several points.

Although it is true that the Supreme Court of Justice ruled in her favor and forced the channel to pay her the pension to which she has been entitled since August 2016, the Santander commented that this payment was not recognized because she made a transfer from Colpensiones to Colfondos and there several years of her life were “stuck” job.

“I have continued working with them, who have treated me with great dignity, for this reason I am leaving very grateful to Caracol and with my head held high, speaking what it is (…) The only thing I have in my heart is gratitude to this company because they never refused my request”, he expressed through a video that he posted on Instagram on March 29, 2023.

This was the recording with which Patricia Silva clarified the gossip about her judicial process | Video: Instagram @patriciasilvahumor

Similarly, Patricia Silva assured that the Caracol channel never filed appeals against the lawsuit or opposed the process. The woman was even grateful for the gestures that the company has had with several of her colleagues from ‘Happy Saturdays’.

“We have to say that ‘Mandíbula’ was given a salary until the day he died, even though he did not have the right to a pension for spending the pension bonus; It must also be remembered that they did the same with Enrique Colavizza, even though he was ill and could not work. In the same way, when “La Gorda” Fabiola got sick and was not on the payroll, they paid her salary without having to.

Already in a talk with ‘Día a día’, held on March 30, 2023, the comedian pointed out that there were those who took advantage of her legal process to try to splash the channel and attack it.

“I cried because it hurt me that they used me to annoy the channel (…) There must be dark hands,” he said on the morning show, referring to the media and journalists who published this information.

Not happy with her video on the networks, the woman went to the most watched morning program in Colombia to reiterate her version of the case | Video: Instagram @diaadiacaracoltv

Despite drawing millions of smiles and enjoying great economic stability, the woman went through a severe depression that, according to her, occurred after divorcing her ex-husband.

This is how he made it known in an interview he gave in November 2021 for The viewerin which he commented that the money or the recognition were not enough to avoid falling into deep sadness at the end of their relationship.

“I was in a formidable time with my job, full of contracts, with my very chubby wallet, my latest model car and very blessed in the labor and economic part, but I separated and despite the fact that I worked I was in one of the best times of my life, I felt sad, alone. One day when I was opening an apartment, I looked out of that 11th floor and said the solution to that sadness is to take my life, I came to think about it… I felt that there was something missing in my life… It was an infinite sadness, a melancholy, ”he explained. Patricia Silva.

In addition, the comedian had to see how, at the same time, her son went to find his own life in Canada and this further influenced his state of mental health.

Patricia Silva arrived at 'Happy Saturdays' in 1987 and has remained one of its most outstanding comedians |  Photo: Live Snail screenshot
Patricia Silva arrived at ‘Happy Saturdays’ in 1987 and has remained one of its most outstanding comedians | Photo: Live Snail screenshot

It was then that he turned to his faith and spirituality to try to overcome his depression, for which he asked God to give him the opportunity to meet a man who was not a lover of drinking or partying, and who was also very religious.

Apparently God heard his prayers and, after an interview he gave to the program ‘Yo, José Gabriel’, a man came into his life in an unusual and unexpected way. Even the whole process with this person was so atypical that he asked for his hand on the second date.

Patricia Silva, from ‘Sábados feliz’, won a lawsuit against Caracol Televisión: “There must be dark hands”