Ministry of the Interior holds IV Interreligious Conference for Peace

For the fourth consecutive year, the Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of the Interior, held the Interreligious Day for Peace, in order to collaborate with all religious denominations and advance the peacebuilding agenda in the country.

Within the framework of the inauguration of said meeting, headed by the head of the Unit for Religious Affairs, Prevention and the Reconstruction of the Social Fabric, Héctor Humberto Miranda Anzá, who highlighted that the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, accompanies these efforts , through the Undersecretariat for Democratic Development, Social Participation and Religious Affairs headed by its head, César Yáñez Centeno Cabrera.

Likewise, he stressed that said annual meeting provides the opportunity to continue putting on the table the issue of diversity and tolerance of all religious denominations within the framework of respect for the secular State.

“Since the beginning of this government, it has been a constant search to build bridges of collaboration with the different religious traditions that exist in Mexico to promote initiatives to build peace and rebuild the social fabric, which we can say, to date they have been advancing ”, emphasized Héctor Miranda Anzá.

The government of our country, he maintained, has found a genuine desire to contribute to the construction of peace, which is beginning to bear fruit today, “this sum of wills contributes in some way to this longing for peace that we Mexicans have.” .

In turn, the general director of Religious Affairs of the Interior, Jorge Eduardo Basaldúa Silva, explained that the work carried out on the matter includes three lines of action: training, dialogue and dissemination. In the first item, he reported on the holding of diplomas, courses, seminars, workshops and the program aimed at trainers in promoting religious tolerance.

In terms of dialogue, she highlighted the network of public servants for religious affairs and the discussion ‘Towards a dialogue between feminisms and religion’, while, in terms of dissemination activities, the awareness campaign was launched on the issue of disappearance of people ‘Embroidering peace, building hope’, as well as the Documentary Memory of state auxiliaries of religious affairs, in addition to the reprint of the Law of Religious Associations and Public Worship, in a special edition for its 30 years.

The annual interreligious days are held on the occasion of the International Day of Peace declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), and which is celebrated every September 21, for which the Government of Mexico has These meetings have been held since 2019 with the aim of promoting respect for religious diversity in the country and contributing to the culture of peace through a space for dialogue with actors from the religious field.

This year, the IV Interreligious Conference for Peace includes the dialogue tables ‘Building paths for peace. Articulation between religious and governmental actors’, and ‘Human spirituality: its rites and symbols’, in addition to the exhibition ‘Divine Worlds and Sacred Objects’.

Ministry of the Interior holds IV Interreligious Conference for Peace