Are you willing to pay the cost today for tomorrow’s blessing?

DThey say that if we want something in life, we must be willing to pay the price for it. And I am not talking about money, but about certain sacrifices, tasks or actions that have to be undertaken today to receive the blessings of tomorrow.

In other words, we can gain experience, aim for a promotion in the company, achieve a medal, in short… all noble goals are possible if we assume the costs that these achievements represent.

In other words: we will have the life we ​​aspire to, as long as we fertilize the land so that the respective harvest can take place.

Every time we are disciplined, put in the effort to do a job well, or do a selfless favor, we ‘pay in advance’. If we do it this way, the action will implicitly carry the law of correspondence that, in the end, will end up multiplying our glory.

In the matter of solidarity, just as it happens with formal commerce, you, me and all of us have the opportunity to help someone knowing that tomorrow, without even expecting it, God will give us double what we help.

Paying today and receiving the benefit tomorrow entails being willing to ‘let go’ of many things to which we are attached.

In that order of ideas, life urges us to leave many things that today have us in the comfort zone. We have to get out of the trench, expose ourselves, watch over others and even run the risk of failing.

For example, it is up to us to leave the past with the certainty that what we do in this present will take us to the place we really want to be in the future.

Do you know something? Life always rewards those who live intensely and give themselves selflessly to the challenge of serving those most in need.

We must also be willing to shake someone’s hand or open the door for that person who so badly needs to enter.

Let us decide, once and for all, to live in the healthiest way possible, radiating a ‘good vibe’, doing good and, in general, giving ourselves with the greatest sincerity and solidarity that each situation deserves.

It is up to us to make our days and others an immense joy, even in the midst of challenges or problems.

Let’s learn to serve, let’s put ourselves in the shoes of others, avoid bad gestures and give smiles because life will reward us with more blessings.

Of course, to choose that lifestyle we have to resolve each of the situations that everyday life presents us with. You know: let’s open doors, collaborate with great causes and never be indifferent to the pain of others.


Concerns frequently assault our state of mind. However, with each question we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either by reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it on this page. Send your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the following email: In this column, he himself will respond. Let’s look at today’s case:

Testimony: “From one day to the next my life collapsed and today I am in the midst of great sadness. They criticize me because I’m down, but nothing I projected came out right. What do you do when life lets you down? Give me some advice. Thank you”.

Answer: We all, at certain times, go through situations in which we believe that the world is coming down on us; perhaps because we received ‘unexpected blows’ or because that dream we yearn for does not come true

What can I say?

Which is from that same strong experience, from that ‘disappointment’ or from that wound that you yourself must recompose yourself. Of course you have the right to feel sadness and let off steam! Despite this, do something to get out of grief.

What do I do when something strong happens to me? From my soul I connect and ask God to give me clarity and, immediately, I get down to work to find a way out of my problem.

You do not give me further details of what happened to you; however, if something strong saddens you today, be clear that things happen not ‘for something’ but ‘for something’.

Maybe it’s time to change the way you interpret what happens to you and start seeing the world in a more purposeful way. Life is wanting to send you a message and from all this you must learn a great lesson.

Face this challenge with maturity and decorum and I guarantee that you will be reborn from the ashes.

If you have faith, you will be victorious! His attitude will make you see a ray of light among so much darkness. Even if you are going through a storm; remember that she will pass and, just like in real life, everything looks different after the rain. Good luck and I send you a hug!


* If someone asks you to borrow, pay them back. Whoever lends you is because they trust you and want to help you. Paying him what he owes you is the least he should do. If you don’t, you’ll not only lose a valuable person you could trust, but life will ‘pick you up’.

* Disappointment is not sought; however, right or wrong, when faced with it, it can become a handy way to clear your mind and an opportunity to start a new story. Do you experience disappointment or experience a feeling of dissatisfaction for not meeting any expectations? Relax and don’t suffer!

* Relationships are now more difficult because no one takes the time to fall in love anymore; conversations turned into whatsapp texts; insecurity became a constant; jealousy is already habits; cheating unbelievably is a ‘living’ thing and, unfortunately, getting hurt is ‘normal’.

Are you willing to pay the cost today for tomorrow’s blessing?