Antonio Sola: ‘My wife is not only prefect, but perfect’

He has participated in nearly 500 electoral campaigns in more than 40 countries, with 17 presidential elections won, which has positioned the Spaniard Anthony Alone as one of the top five political strategy consultants in the world. The resume of the also husband of the prefect of Guayas, susana gonzalezis extensive, so we invite you to reveal more of it in The EXPRESSIONS Questionnaire.

They tell me that in the political world you are a good consultant, but who do you consult?

I consult Susana, God and my inner life.

How much do you charge for a consultation?

For professional grooming I can’t say what I charge, but I’m doing well in life.

What type of consultation would you not go to?

My profession is to be a political strategist, potential clients of all kinds call me. At this point in my life I have more opportunity to say no than yes. They choose me and I choose them too.

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But who would I say no to?

People who are against life and in any illegality, where many things would enter. Also to those who seek their personal interest and not the good of people.

How does it feel to be the husband of the prefect of Guayas?

Absolutely wonderfull. My wife is a being of light, she is my wife, my lover, my friend, my companion, she is everything and she is the prefect of Guayas. We met in 2007, we got married five years later, it’s already been together for some time.

Is the prefect perfect?

Of course, she is very prefect and very perfect and authentic.

Have you dedicated any work to him?

No, all his works are dedicated to people. You’re bad (laughs).

But wouldn’t you like it?

No not at all. She is dedicated to the people of Guayas.

Is it true that he is your main adviser?

I’m her husband, mate. She is an autonomous woman of her criteria and her decisions. She accompanied me for many years and we have been advising and consulting each other for a long time. We are a married couple, we take care of each other and hug each other.

What kind of student is she?

She was always a brilliant woman, not only in studies. She worked very early, at 14 years old, and she has been an extraordinary student, she learns very quickly.

What would you do if Marcela Aguiñaga hires you?

Sebastian Yatra

Sebastián Yatra: “The human part is above the artistic”

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I’d say no, no thanks, good night. Still, I haven’t worked in Ecuador for almost four years, since Susana is an authority.

Have you ever broken the rules of the game?

On the line you walk on them, but you don’t break them. You have to have codes in life.

Do you talk about politics at home?

Of course, it is something that we talk about because we love politics, which is extraordinary, it is a noble exercise. And we also talk about other things.

What other things?

We talk about ourselves, what we like and want, about our trips and about our dogs and our causes.

What do they not share?

Well, we commune in everything, each one with their style and a professional path made. We have an identity of our own. From love and respect, the trip accompanied with her is incredible.

Who ends up giving in?

She is super generous and I have learned a lot.

Who washes the dishes on Sunday?

I like to cook, clean, scrub and dry.

And her?

It does too. Susana makes an impressive ceviche, some spectacular rice dishes.

And what is left of yummy for you?

The Spanish migas, the stew and the tortilla.

Unforgettable campaigns?

Abdullah Murtinho

Abdallah Murtinho: “I’ve hit life”

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Those of Haiti with two who reached the presidency, Colombia with Juan Manuel Santos, Mexico with Felipe Calderón and Spain with Mariano Rajoy.

The ones that gave you a headache?

Liberia and Nepal cost me a lot. And then French Guiana and the Netherlands Antilles for their complex cultures.

Who would you not work with again even if you paid all the money?

Well, yes, there are people who ended their governments badly, who if I had known about it before, I would not have worked with them, and I say this with respect.

Have you seen political monsters in Ecuador?

There are monsters everywhere.

What fictional character do you identify with?

With La Masa, who fought for just causes. Then I associated myself with Robin Hood, for the same reasons. But from real people I can quote Jesus and Mandela.

What do you avoid in front of other people?

Nothing, I am what you see.

The curious and ridiculous fact that you know?

The number of injured in flights. I travel a lot.

And the weirdest thing you’ve seen on those flights?

A knife fight and a hideous drunken spree from a guy who had to be tied up.

The first celebrity that caught your eye?

Susan Gonzalez.

What do you love to do when you’re not working and no one is watching?

William Roseney

Guillermo Roseney: “My first sexual fantasy was with Kelly McGillis”

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Sit on the terrace of our home that overlooks the Daule River and watch the sunset. And if it rains, even better.

Who was your sexual fantasy?

I can’t name someone, but as a child I remember the covers of Interviú magazine. My parents bought it.

A deleted tweet?


Have you ever drank alcohol before the legal age?

Yes. My grandfather, who was a country man and shoemaker, taught me to drink wine, he crushed grapes.

What is the first thing you wash when you take a bath?

(Laughter) What can I tell you… I like soap and the first thing I do is soap my chest so that it foams up. you are wicked

How would you rate your physical appearance from 1 to 10?

I am very happy with myself, my self-esteem is great. I give it a 9.

What impresses you?

The mysteries, the universe, energy, God, spirituality.

The last time you watched porn?

Gabriela Sommfeld

Gabriela Sommerfeld: “They have made me fly very high, also land”

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(Laughter) Anything unspeakable happens with my wife in our privacy. It’s not that we watch porn, but we have a wonderful activity, we are a fantastic couple.


*He was good at sports, mainly basketball.

*Started smoking at age 22.

*Of his dogs, Hachi is the one who snores the most in the room.

*The stupidest thing he’s ever done is sing boleros in front of a crowd while playing bass.

Alberto Acosta Burneo

Alberto Acosta Burneo: “I like all kinds of music, even reggaeton”

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*It’s bad for crafts.

*He is considered hyperactive, he cannot be still even on a Sunday.

*It is part of the directory of the Fratelli Tutti Political School, which is promoted by Pope Francis.

*He is an accomplished reader.

*He has the defect of procrastinating on some things.

*Cries easily.

*His flag phrase: “Understand that hate is not good company.”

Antonio Sola: ‘My wife is not only prefect, but perfect’