From Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 November, in the Saloncino ‘Paolo Poli’ of the Teatro della Pergola in Florence, the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, for the first time in Italy, becomes a theatrical show, thanks to the design idea of ​​Manuele Morgese, director of the Teatrozeta Company, here in the dual role of actor and director.

Mariano Rigillo, master and interpreter of exception, is the “deus ex machina” who leads the ranks of the representation to become the protagonist in the role of the Boatman, symbol of the universal spirituality narrated by Hesse. On stage Riccardo Feola, in the role of his faithful friend Govinda, and Sara Adami in Kamala, teacher of love.

Dialogues and narration alternate in profound respect for the author’s message, with the aim of leading the viewer to a real reinterpretation of history, through a multimedia linguistic osmosis, between theater and audiovisual, between music and dance, between prose and visual art.

Siddhartha is the history of man. Siddhartha is the circle of life. Siddhartha, spirit and man, in the constant search for his own self, is a monumental character, which contemporary theater, in these dark and uncertain times, certainly needs.

In the Saloncino ‘Paolo Poli’ of the Teatro della Pergola in Florence, from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 November, the novel Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, in the translation by Massimo Mila, becomes a theatrical show directed by Manuele Morgese, which leaves the style and style intact. the structure of the text: we start from our days, from the deafening noisy noise of technology. On stage, Mariano Rigillo, Morgese himself, Riccardo Feola, Sara Adami.

The narrative, the true protagonist, returns frequently, as if the viewer were leafing through the pages of the twelve chapters of the book one by one and merges with the context of the video creations and animations created by Cosimo Brunetti on a huge transparent backdrop that acts as a diaphragm to the actions and scenic suggestions of the characters. The choreographies are by Francesca Di Boscio, the sets by Manuele Morgese, the costumes by Isaura Bruni, the technical finalizations and projections by Pietro Di Francesco, the lighting technician is Matteo Panzieri. Production of the Teatrozeta Company.

The direction imagines an alternation between the two-dimensionality of the videos and the three-dimensionality of the actors: some of the characters are animated drawings and interact with others in the flesh. Conceived as a multidisciplinary theatrical mechanism, the show stages the story of a man, which is the story of all men, the story of the author – narrator, the story of man, yesterday and today, grappling with the thousand doubts that life reveals; history of men – children whose troubles, loves, passions, doubts, daily living, attachment to money, Siddhartha sees and laughs at.

As we read in Siddhartha: «Most men are like a dry leaf, which hovers in the air and sways down to the ground. But others, few, are like the fixed stars, which go in their own precise course, and there is no wind that touches them, they have within themselves their law and their path ».

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3> 6 November | Teatro della Pergola – Saloncino ‘Paolo Poli’
(Thursday, 7 pm; Friday, Saturday, 9 pm; Sunday, 4 pm)
Mariano Rigillo in Hermann Hesse’s SIDDHARTHA
translation Massimo Mila
with Manuele Morgese, Riccardo Feola, Sara Adami
directed by Manuele Morgese
video creations and animations Cosimo Brunetti
choreography Francesca Di Boscio
scenes from Manuele Morgese
costumes Isaura Bruni
technical finalizations and projections Pietro Di Francesco
lighting technician Matteo Panzieri
produced by Compagnia Teatrozeta

MET – Siddhartha at the Teatro della Pergola