The fruits of the ecumenical journey: “Friendship in Christ is possible among us”

“Ecumenism is relevant to all of humanity, because the search for unity becomes necessary. Also to understand the problems of the world, the problems of the human being, his spirituality.” This was reflected in a round table entitled “Do good, seek justice (ls 1,17)”. Organized by the Faculty of Theology of the San Dámaso University (UESD)in collaboration with the Julián García Hernando Ecumenical Center, Angel Brown, from the San Damaso University; Marius Picuof the Romanian Orthodox Church and Alfredo Abadfrom the Spanish Evangelical Church, have delved into the words of Isaiah.

“God wants Judah to not only practice justice, but to embrace the principle of always doing good. God wants us not only to care for orphans and widows, but to act justly and seek what is good for them and for anyone marginalized by society”. The Hebrew word for good is “yaw-tab’” and it means to be happy, joyful, to be nice, to do good, to do something beautiful.

live in peace and justice.

“Being a Christian means being a disciple,” Castaño began. “All Christians are under the Word of God, learning together what it is to do good, and who are those in need of solidarity.”. As society becomes more indifferent to the needs of others, we, As children of God, we must learn to take up the cause of our oppressed brothers and sisters by telling the truth to the powerful and, if necessary, defending them so that they can live in peace and justice..

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On the other hand, Abad explained that the study on the historical evolution of friendship as a theological analogy from Elredo de Rieval, “proposes a horizon of spiritual friendship, which begins and is born in Christ.” Referring to The text of Isaiah “makes us understand that the experience of faith must always be accompanied by a praxis consistent with what is professed.”. The worship of God is empty if it is not accompanied by compassion and mercy «learn to do good; Seek justice, help the oppressed, protect the right of the orphan, defend the widow.”

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Christian reference for spiritual growth

In the current historical moment in which personal relationships are modified and lose their traditional references both in their meaning and in their praxis, The teachings of the abbot of Rieval offer a guide that, without being new, is fully current and gains in value, providing a Christian reference for spiritual growth.

The great issue that man must resolve throughout his earthly existence is the use he makes of his freedom. This is probably the engine of human existence. Freedom originates in man a dynamic legality and a regime of life that relates him with God, with the world, with others and also with himself. “Lived freedom”, as it is described in the title of the book we are discussing, allows men and women to be true interlocutors with God.

Spiritual and social dimension

For his part, Pico highlighted the importance of meeting “ideas and not ideologies”. Because, as he has said, “when you start to accept, you learn to discover and little by little to love”. What happens when love breaks between friends, between spouses, between men and women?, it has been asked. “There is no one in the world who has not gone through a moment of uncertainty or who feels betrayed. Where is the love of God there?

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In this sense, he has highlighted how the spiritual dimensionwhich leads us to unite in prayer; and the social dimension, which impels us to bear witness together to Christ’s love for our neighbor and to defend the inviolable dignity of every person. In line with the text of Isaiah, Praying for Christian unity must be accompanied by a common commitment to confront the challenges of injustice and listen to the cries of those who suffer from whatever cause. “The common work that has been carried out among the Churches is a sign of hope for humanity.”

The fruits of the ecumenical journey: “Friendship in Christ is possible among us”