The Reina Sofía presents the first Spanish exhibition of Margarita Azurdia

Madrid, 11/24/2022 His work goes through the artistic evolution in Guatemala in the second half of the last century, but it does not always do so under the same name; One of them was Daisy Rita Rica Dynamite and that is the title that has also been adopted by the sample that is now dedicated … Read more

The identities of Margarita Azurdia | Exhibition | StyleFeelFree

The creative universe of Daisy Azurdiafull of allusions to Guatemala, his native land, recreates in the Reina Sofía Museum a space to reflect on existence Work: The Yellow Banana Carriers, 1971-1974 by © Margarita Azurdia | StyleFeelFree. SFF magazine Tradition, spirituality, the origin of life and nature are themes that exerted a great influence on … Read more

In Memory of Cecilia Margarita Guzmán Rojas (RIP)


On June 19, we were surprised by the unexpected death of our dear cousin and sister Cecilia Margarita Guzmán Rojas. The Lord called her from the quiet Limarí Valley. Cecilia was born in Ovalle on May 10, 1939; She is the daughter of Santiago Guzmán and Elba Rojas, niece of Nemesio Guzmán and Donatila Vega, … Read more