Zen dedications at “Leaves and tea” in Saint Chamas

At the bookstore-tea room “Leaves and Teas of Saint-Chamasthe charming and passionate owner Christelle offers you to meet two regional authors during a signing session on Saturday January 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., in partnership with the association ULet’s go. This magnificent friendly and warm meeting place offers a wide range of teas and hot drinks, to enjoy while reading a good book. Many activities are offered by Christelle around reading, well-being, writing, games etc…


Alice Mason and Yael Mimouni will be present to meet you and discuss their personal development novels. Both are authors from Marseille, with a career marked by spirituality, benevolence and good vibes.

The Authentic

Yael Mimouni is the author of the essay:The Authentic” appeared in Editions Le Lys Bleu. Accompanying as many people as possible in their choices and in accepting the tests is the dearest wish of Yael Mimouni. In The authentic, she invites the reader to a deep introspection for a real change of life. “The Authentic” deals with spirituality and personal development. This book therefore invites an opening of heart and conscience. Delivering strong messages through reflections and keys to understanding, it expresses the idea of ​​transparency towards oneself intertwined with passages of life. In short, it verbalizes the perception of a free self.

She is also a very talented illustrator.

The flesh is ashes

Alice Mason will present his novel feelgood: Flesh is ash, soul is flame” appeared in editions of An-Vi. Five characters, five wounds of the soul. Their destiny will be forever changed by the journey they will undertake together. Héloïse suffers from the wound of injustice. Riku is afraid of abandonment. Astrid feels rejected. Alma was humiliated. Raphaël suffers from the wound of betrayal. By taking their common friend Emilie from Brussels to Calvi, throughout this initiatory journey, they will grow through their differences. In the end, the few centimeters they will gain will allow them to rise and broaden their vision of the world. By following the adventures of the five protagonists, this funny and moving novel may be able to help you identify your own soul wounds.

Alice Mason is a novelist and lecturer. Throughout the novel, she distils valuable advice based on her research and personal experience. This novel is a tribute to the phenomenal work of Lise Bourbeau with his book: “The 5 wounds of the soul that prevent you from being yourself”.

In the afternoon, a sophrology workshop will take place on the theme of the Chinese portrait and the five senses.
See you next Saturday, January 28 at the Salon de thé Leaves and Teas at 52 Rue Marceau Gautier – 13250 Saint Chamas, free entry.

Zen dedications at “Leaves and tea” in Saint Chamas –