What colors of underwear are worn on New Years and why?

One of the most common cabals is to wear underwear of certain colors during the New Year celebration to ensure that it looks full of the things we want to come into our lives, such as love, money, health, among others. The most used colors with yellow and red, which represent love and money, respectively.

The origin of this tradition is not exactly known, but it is believed that it may have originated in Europe, where it is customary to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve, or in Asia, where it is said that by being attached to the body, this intimate garment You can transmit good energies and omens more quickly.

Depending on the color we use we can attract love, money, health, harmony, etc. Photo: Adrian Gaytan.

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What does each color mean?

  • White: Use this color of underwear if you want your life during the next year to be marked by peace and harmony.
  • Black: This color augurs luxury in your life. In addition, it is the color of elegance.
  • Orange: In order not to be sad or start the year pessimistically, use this color and fill yourself with enthusiasm and vitality.
  • Red: Wearing an undergarment of this color will bring love and passion into your life. In addition, it symbolizes desire and strength.
  • Green: Hope, health, calm, protection and youth. Use this color and receive only good omens in this upcoming New Year.
  • Pink: Wear pink underwear to attract romance during 2023. Some people also wear this color on Christmas Eve.
  • Blue: This color is intended for those who have a project in mind and want to fulfill it next year. It is related to rationality and balance.
  • Purple: this color and its derivatives symbolize spirituality. If you want a positive year, you are interested in practicing some spiritual activity or you want to be more in touch with your inner self, use this tone in your underwear.
  • Brown: This color is for those who seek job success and get out of economic problems.

Now that you know the meaning of each color, but you still don’t know which one you should use to receive this new year, it can be useful to base yourself on your zodiac sign to know what you will really need in your life next year.

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Colors to receive the New Year according to your zodiac sign


The ideal color for Aries is white, as it attracts pure and renewed energy. In addition, it symbolizes peace, something that is very necessary in the face of a year that has been very complicated in different aspects.


For Taurus it is convenient to use black, because it always reflects elegance and sobriety. It makes a good impression and also generates sensuality and impact on others.


Red is perfect for Gemini to have a time of new opportunities and reforms in various aspects. The use of this color will not only help love to arrive or be maintained, but it is synonymous with trust.


What is best to attract for this sign is prosperity and wealth. So the perfect color will be gold. Not necessarily in clothes, but in accessories.


For Leo, it will be conducive to use silver to call positive energies and renew itself in certain facets. The color reflects wisdom and confidence.


Thoughts and spirituality turn out to be very important. Purple will help Virgo get these aspects together in a good way. It reflects status and mastery of desires.


Green is ideal for Libra to attract good luck and fortune in 2022. It reflects confidence to engage in dialogue with others.


Above all, those around you will need hope and combativeness in the life that Scorpio has had. Therefore, pink is the best option for you to transmit calm.


Earthy and close to brown tones will be important for Sagittarius to start sowing the seeds of success in 2023.


Yellow is a very good option for Capricorn, so it will show joy and call good energy to be happy next year.


Orange is a color that is related to success and helps to ward off negative energies due to the worries you have. Ideal for aquarium.


Blue is the color of security that characterizes Pisces so much when it comes to acting. Also, as is common, it shows an open door for them to ask you for advice.

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What colors of underwear are worn on New Years and why?