“The inner path”: a transformative journey that runs along the Camino de Santiago

Movistar Plus+ premieres the inner patha transformative journey with Miguel Angel Tobias, who directs and conducts this 16-stage journey that covers the Camino de Santiago from León to Compostela and Finisterre. In each episode, he will accompany tobias a prominent personality recognized for helping others transform their lives. Premiere in Movistar Plus+ Saturday July 16th from 2022. Every Saturday and Sunday, a new episode. Available in service on demand.

The inner path reaches Movistar+

the athlete David Meccathe psychologist Alejandra Vallejo-Nágerathe mountaineer Edurne Pasabanthe writer Alicia Sornosajournalist Michael White or the surgeon Mario Alonso Puig are some of the protagonists of this interior journey.

Movistar Plus+ opens on Saturday July 16th the documentary series the inner patha production by Accamedia, a production company specializing in audiovisual content of a social nature, directed and hosted by Miguel Angel Tobias. A journey that covers, over 16 episodes, the Camino de Santiago after the pandemic.

#0 on M+ will broadcast a new episode every Saturday and Sunday, which will also be available on the platform’s on-demand service.

Data sheet

Original title: The Inner Way
Year: 2021
Country: Spain
Direction: Miguel Angel Tobias
Gender: Documentary film



the inner path covers, in 16 stages corresponding to the episodes, the Camino de Santiago from León to Finisterre. Miguel Angel Tobias He directs and conducts this series in which he will find companions and travel companions for each journey. These are relevant personalities with diverse profiles who share a common characteristic: all of them have undergone very profound personal transformation processes and are now helping other people to transform their lives. A path of meeting, reflection and shared experiences.

Beside tobias walk the psychologist Alejandra Vallejo-Nágerathe adventurer Albert Boschthe swimmer David Meccathe coach Pedro Garcia Aguadojournalist Quico Taronjithe late neuropsychiatrist Jose Maria Povedathe surgeon Mario Alonso Puigthe tenor and comedian Jose Manuel Zapatathe adventurer Alicia Sornosathe naturalist Nacho Deanjournalist Michael Whitebusinessman Jose Ramon Garciathe businesswoman Bisila Bokokothe mountaineer Edurne Pasabanformer Paralympic skier Cristian Sainz de Marles and the businessman javier benavente.

Trailer of The Inner Path

The moment

the inner path It takes place at a time when specialists warn that the pandemic has generated an increase in mental health problems due to isolation, uncertainty, grief, loss of income or fear.

Our entire world, as we knew it, has fallen apart and been turned upside down, changing thoughts and behaviors. We are living through the greatest existential crisis of modern times but also an opportunity for societies to rethink an entire system of values ​​that has generated progress but also many inequalities, injustices and dissatisfaction.


For centuries, millions of pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago for religious, cultural, sports or leisure reasons and all have experienced its spirituality, its transforming power even without intending it, because no one ends the way as it began.

The Camino de Santiago forces us to abandon our character, our possessions, our problems, our fast-paced life… and little by little to delve into the deep and ultimate meaning of the path: The inner path.

The Camino de Santiago has more than twelve centuries of history but humanity has changed over the centuries and so has the Camino. The documentary series ‘El camino interior’ proposes us to reopen the Camino after the pandemic that for two years has kept the world in fear and isolated, to inaugurate a new one with renewed energy, awareness, awareness and spirituality that will help us grow and overcome the adversities.

Source Communication Department of Movistar+


“The inner path”: a transformative journey that runs along the Camino de Santiago