Weekend in Merano, between spas and walks

P.For this I much prefer autumn to spring, because in autumn you look at the sky. In the spring the earth. It was written by Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher who in fact spent an entire life divided between worldly things and spirituality. Between earth and sky. How autumn, the season in which to watch the sky and the changing nature that we can do.

And not to forget the benefits of the summer just passed, the first step would be to plan a weekend away. Meta: the sky, in fact. That is our mountains, the youngest in Europe, the most coveted, the best observation point to grab more light, and then clouds and new blues. The Alps.

Merano and its waters

Merano, forty thousand inhabitants spread in the heart of South Tyrol, is an excellent base for exploring the surroundings. They call her the “pearl” of the Dolomites and it is an elegant and rich town. Here the climate is mild, Mediterranean and welcoming despite the peaks in the background are already white. Choosing it as a base means maybe staying in an incredible boutique hotel set in one of the most beautiful streets of the historic center: it’s called Imperial Art and it is the smallest hotel in townequipped with twelve artistic rooms, each different from the other and each conceived and signed by a designer.

Among all, the one from which you can really admire the sky, here is: it is the one dedicated to water, designed by Elisabeth Hölzl, equipped with a personal terrace with hydromassage pool, sunbed and a hedge that isolates from everything. Except from the moon, in the evening, or from the mountains illuminated by the sun. If autumn is an experience, staying here is more.

Honey and hay: not just spas

Starting again, as autumn obliges us, in Merano is the best thing to do: we are in a spa town designed for well-being in every season and apart from the Day Spa daily package with reserved bed and use of swimming pools, saunas, wellness center and fitness, to the Terme di Merano (restyling signed by Matteo Thun) which are the beating heart of the city, you can book ad hoc treatments (as well as a nice lunch at the internal bistro).

Wine therapy: the benefits of grapes for the skin

From the intensive one of the back with South Tyrolean alpine honey (honey is known for its purifying, anti-inflammatory, purifying and nourishing action) to peeling with extracts of hay, grapes, milk, apples and marble dust from Val Venosta. Inside, it is always possible to book a check up with the specialists of the Medical Area, knowing that the thermal water present in the structure is rich in fluorine, radon and other minerals: among the many benefits, the effectiveness in dissolving the biofilmbacteria, that protective film that sticks to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, decreasing the effectiveness of antibiotics in the respiratory tract (termemerano.it).

Wellness on foot and along the river

In the city, directly from the center of Merano you can make beautiful nature walks: the one along the Passirio is a real panacea, just follow the path of the river, listen to its sound, admiring its continuous loops and lively leaps from stone to stone. And so without realizing it, among flower beds and well cared for, you reach the Winter Walk and its parallel Summer Walk, which still run along the Passirio, from one bank and from its opposite side. From a distance you can glimpse the suggestive Roman Bridge, flanked by a florid and luxuriant nature, while you enter the Gilf Promenade, which further up connects to the famous Tappeiner Promenade. Going along it to the end, you reach the small town of Tirolo with its characteristic castle. They are paths accessible to all, which allow you to get to know the area by walking.

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Getting around

A few kilometers from Merano, you can always opt for a few trips and always enjoy our autumn sky. Stage Avelengofifteen minutes by car, is the village where you buy a special ticket (eight euros) and receive a digital permit for mushroom picking.


Weekend in Merano, between spas and walks – iO Donna