Koré Moïse, ex

Koré Moïse, former Gbagbo pastor back in Ivory Coast

“Koré Moïse, 15 years later…”: this is the title of the story told by Bamba Alex Souleymane about his meeting with his “brother and friend” in Côte d’Ivoire, who signed his return, after a long exile, from from his former position as pastor and spiritual adviser to Laurent Gbagbo.

I found this Sunday, August 28, 2022, a brother and friend Koré Moïse. And for good reason, he was one of the stars who brought Ivorian basketball to the firmament, then to the pinnacle on the African chessboard in 1981 and 1985. He was a winger as lively, twirling as a formidable arrow. In the duel 1 against 1, it was lost for his vis-à-vis and for the opposing team. His legendary agreement with the maestro and play-maker of Africa and the national team, Dr. Bile Alphonse, aroused general admiration and won the support of aficionados. What an era!

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The one who will later become a telecommunications and thermodynamics engineer, had however, during his college and high school years, been a resident of the EMPT (Military Technical Preparatory School of Bingerville). His destiny changed after obtaining his baccalaureate there. Civilian life and the university course took over. Like the members of the merry band to which he belonged, he distinguished himself quite brilliantly and made his classes there in scientific engineering. But on the way, he answered the call of the Lord, God the all-merciful, incarnation of hope.

This priesthood led him into several cenacles. For reasons beyond his control, he had to be absent for almost 10 years outside the country. He ended up answering the call of duty and made his return to his native land without ostentation. In short, a sort of collective exorcism against the forces of evil as well as against obscurantism. The union of hearts and minds, which is the work of God, played a merciful role there because God always comes to the aid of his children…

Many years later, the magic of sport has worked and, we all have again; were gathered this Sunday, August 28 in the fetish lair of Ivorian basketball, the Sports Palace of Treichville. Glory to God then! But…

But, and yet, him; is Africa-Sports, and I Asec Mimosas. We understand that the rivalry between these 2 clubs; could have “cracked” our fraternities. Nay. On the contrary, this rivalry rather created a very great friendship between the actors as well as the leaders of Asec, Africa and the Stade d’Abidjan version 1980-2005 or even more. In short, the 3 big clubs which were the locomotives which pulled the cars with other clubs of rather modest companies except, perhaps, the ABC.

At that time, basketball was undoubtedly a leading discipline like football. The craze around the ball in the basket was real and national. All Saturdays and Sundays were sold out. The meetings, 2 or even 3, if not 4 per afternoon, were full of aficionados of the ball in the basket. What a beautiful time! That of the apogee of this sport so endearing and, oh so spectacular when it is well played.

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After Bilé Alphonse and Guy Berté, he also became president of the Ivorian basketball federation between 2005 and 2011. The mythical trio of green and red “siblings” superbly combined sporting know-how (with a great management capacity management), and a strong impact on the future of the actors themselves, and on that of their leaders. O tempos? Another time say the Latins. Times have really changed. It was yesterday. Hail Moses! Hats off to everyone! DOWN

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Koré Moïse, ex-pastor of Gbagbo back in Côte d’Ivoire: Bamba Alex recounts their meeting, 15 years later – AFRIK SOIR