I AM JESUS ​​CHRIST: we played it and we are not far from disaster

Since its announcement at the end of 2019, I Am Jesus Christ has been regularly buzzing about its audacious concept: embodying Jesus Christ in a first-person adventure. You had to think about it! Polish studio SimulaM did it, and publisher PlayWay joined the dance. Knowing that the latter specializes in various and varied “simulators” (Thief … Read more

Cardinal Steiner: “The Eucharistic body of Christ cannot be dissociated from the wounded body of humanity”


It overcomes the stereotypes that imprison “the ‘Eucharist’ to a monstrance generally directed by an ordained minister, to approach “the Eucharistic mystery in relation to the assembly” “Action of God that prepares a table for the poor and solidarity in the incarnation of the Wordsigns of a perennial compassion and the presence in the Eucharist … Read more

« C’est le Christ qui nous a envoyés. Qu’il ait pitié de nous » : le discours d’ouverture de l’assemblée de la CEF


Chers Frères, chers amis, Le nouveau Conseil Permanent que vous aviez élu en mars dernier s’est réuni pour la première fois en juillet à Bordeaux. Il a souhaité que l’assemblée soit ouverte par un discours un peu substantiel qui rappelle à tous la raison d’être des différents moments de l’assemblée, l’état d’élaboration des sujets et … Read more

Chronicle of the Meal of Christ the King in Baeza


The celebration of the Feast of Christ the King began as an act of reparation and reparation for the annual events -coinciding- programmed by the City Council to reward the most outstanding characters in the promotion and propagation of the aberrant gender ideology. The Day began, as has become traditional, under the balcony of what … Read more

The doctrine of God and his Christ, according to Karl Rahner

Dogmatic after the Council. Foundation of theology, doctrine of God and Christology. Works, volume 22/1b by Karl Rahner Under the direction of Vincent Holzer Venison, 480 p., €40 The 22nd volume – of the 39 already published in German between 1995 and 2018 – of the complete works of the theologian Karl Rahner is part … Read more

Dostoyevsky’s Russian Christ | RCF


Christ and the Incarnation at the Basis of Dostoyevsky’s Philosophical and Religious Thought Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) is considered a true giant of Russian literature. Even today his work – “Crime and Punishment” (1866) or “The Idiot” (1868-1869) or “The Brothers Karamazov” (1880) – continues to captivate. Especially for his conception of religion. Dostoyevsky was … Read more

Jesus Christ Unveiled: Revelations on Christian and Catholic Esotericism


For some time now, the collective conscience has demanded something new and close to the modernity of the times, which are no longer those of myths and blind faith based on sacred texts, often not very credible and lacking in historical and scientific evidence. The Church, anchored in its dogmas and reluctant to give up … Read more