Fratoun, singer of Les Guetteurs: “Now let’s talk about Christ! »

The group “Les Guetteurs” was created almost fifteen years ago. Where do you find the motivation to continue? We draw on the love of Christ and the love of music! We like that. After the confinement we felt the need to relaunch ourselves in a real group album. During the confinement we had released an … Read more

Young man will live his Passion of Christ in Tamulté de las Barrancas (Photos)

Alexis Ricardo Morales, a 27-year-old graduate of the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT), will have the opportunity and the enormous responsibility of carrying the cross, thus emulating the journey that Jesus of Nazareth took from Jerusalem more than 2,000 years ago. to Calvary, also called Golgotha, in the Via Crucis of Tamulté de las … Read more

The fruits of the ecumenical journey: “Friendship in Christ is possible among us”

“Ecumenism is relevant to all of humanity, because the search for unity becomes necessary. Also to understand the problems of the world, the problems of the human being, his spirituality.” This was reflected in a round table entitled “Do good, seek justice (ls 1,17)”. Organized by the Faculty of Theology of the San Dámaso University … Read more

Cardinal Müller: “Ratzinger was never a man of power, but a humble servant of Christ”

by redaccioninfovaticana | 01 January, 2023 Joseph Ratzinger was a great scholar of the classical German university tradition. But that shouldn’t invoke the stereotype of the unworldly professor. As a leading expert on Augustine, he knew his theology of history in “De Civitate DEI,” where all the cruelties and inhumanities of ancient Roman imperialism were … Read more

I Am Jesus Christ | Anteprima (Pc) | …fiat ludus

In principio era il Verbo, e il Verbo era presso Dio e il Verbo era Dio. Facendo un piccolo sforzo prima di immergervi nella lettura, provate a fare un esercizio. Pensate a quella serie TV o a quel film che adorate. Magari conoscete le battute a memoria, riuscite a recitarle dietro agli attori, riuscite ad … Read more

Jordan: a 100 million dollar project for the site of the baptism of Christ

Jordan has big ambitions for the future of Al-Maghtas, the alleged historic site of Christ’s baptism. Objective: attract one million visitors by 2030. Do you know that Aleteia lives only thanks to the generosity of its readers? I GIVE Aleteia really needs you The year 2030 will mark the bimillenary of the baptism of Christ … Read more

Saiz Meneses: “The Church has been sent to announce the Gospel to those who still do not know Jesus Christ”

The Archbishop of Seville, Jose Angel Saiz Meneseshas chosen the passage of the Apocalypse ‘Look, I make all things new’to title the letter he wrote at the beginning of the liturgical year. The document is published after a year and a half of the episcopate of Saiz Meneses in Seville, and has indicated that it … Read more

I AM JESUS ​​CHRIST: we played it and we are not far from disaster

Since its announcement at the end of 2019, I Am Jesus Christ has been regularly buzzing about its audacious concept: embodying Jesus Christ in a first-person adventure. You had to think about it! Polish studio SimulaM did it, and publisher PlayWay joined the dance. Knowing that the latter specializes in various and varied “simulators” (Thief … Read more