Sunsets, Saturday comes the Festival “AnimaVerso 2022” with Peppe Servillo

The AnimaVerso 2022 festival stops in Tramonti on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, with shows that use music, culture and theater to enhance the territory and traditions of the Amalfi Coast.

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October the AnimaVerso 2022 festival will stop in Tramonti with three unmissable events united by a single basic idea: to allow the viewer to get in touch with their own essence and with the roots and spirituality of the places that surround them.

The meeting will open the dance “A Story with the Humble – dialogue on Sant’Alfonso Maria de Liguori”, which will see the participation of institutions, historians and the ethnomusicologist Ambrogio Sparagna, one of the leading experts in European popular music. The appointment is for 5:30 pm on Saturday, at the Church of San Giovanni Battista, in the Campinola district.

The same location will host the show at 7:00 pm “They stopped the Heavens”which will see a popular music ensemble performed by Maestro Sparagna himself and which sees the participation of Peppe Servillo, historical voice of Avion Travel. The protagonists will be the popular religious songs, proposed with arrangements involving particular instruments of the compositional tradition of Southern Italy.

Sunday 9 October at 18:00, at the Convent of San Francesco, in the Polvica district, the theatrical and musical reading of the Neapolitan actress will be held Cristina Donadio who will perform in “Passionate”. The concert show directed by Gigi Di Luca and with the musical accompaniment of Mario Crispi, Giovanni Seneca and Francesco Savoretti, is a tribute to the Mediterranean woman to the places where her essence is alive, to her eternal beauty and resistant grace and Passionate about her.

Now in its fifth edition, the AnimaVerso project was born from the collaboration between five municipalities of the Amalfi Coast (Tramonti, Minori, Atrani, Conca de ‘Marini and Scala). It aims to promote the tourist development of the villages, involving both the coastal and the mountain ranges and focusing on the enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage of the places, so as to favor the culture of respect for the territory and the seasonal adjustment of tourist flows, expanding the offer of events and attractions also in the months of spring and autumn.

“The AnimaVerso festival is a clear example of what collaboration and mutual support can achieve – declared the mayor of Tramonti Domenico Amatruda -. We are pleased to be part of the group of Municipalities of the Coast that has decided to set up such an ambitious project and with which, moreover, Tramonti shares many objectives. In recent years, the need has increasingly emerged to reorganize the tourist flows directed towards our villages, improving and expanding the offer also to the spring and autumn months, periods of the year in which our places have so much to offer, even from landscape point of view. Focusing on culture, traditions and respect for the territory means creating a tourist oasis less linked to the seasonality of the summer period and which is able to make visitors as well as our fellow citizens discover and rediscover the local beauties “.

The pleasure and pride of bringing the Amalfi Coast into the spotlight of such a cultural project is also shared by the artistic director of the festival Gigi Di Lucawho announced: “There is a strong need for silence, for feeling, for an inner search that puts man in contact with his essence, with the roots and the spirituality of the places that surround him. Search to find yourself and recognize the other who is close to you. The AnimaVerso festival, which with immense pleasure for the first time lands on the Amalfi coast, is a lighthouse that with art will be able to illuminate itineraries, paths and wonderful places “.

Sunsets, Saturday comes the Festival “AnimaVerso 2022” with Peppe Servillo – Ulisse online