Promotional photo ‘Self-defense’ | Source: Filmin


Promotional photo of ‘Self Defense’ | Source: Filmin

The inability to feel uncomfortable in front of the screen

Angering our country’s film critics like Carlos Boyero is nothing new. And because of that, Self defensethe new series of filminghas fulfilled its objective: to break the barriers of what we are used to being able to see.

Perhaps we have forgotten what it is to see something that bothers us. With Twitter and the culture of cancellation, the act of criticizing has been devalued. the phrases of Mr. Wonderful they mix with the tabloid headlines that fill the internet with garbage and become simple objects of a consumer society. What were considered great works of the last century were irreverent and revolutionary. And I wouldn’t consider this series a great “work” (social construction that takes many years), but a great example of how to show things in a different way.


For example, let’s imagine reading Don Quixote without understanding that it is a satire on chivalric novels. Well, this is what has been done with Bertha Prieto Y Belen Barenysprotagonists, co-creators with Miguel Angel Blanca and roommates in the autofiction. They utter phrases like “Which do you think is more important: that women come home safely and there are no rapes or that there is a universal basic income?” or “Which do you think is more important right now, feminism or environmentalism?” that are part of the satirical humor of a grotesque piece.

Berta Prieto, MA Blanca and Belén Barenys | Author: Kiku Pinol

Barcelona: party, sex and drugs

The story comes together with a great distribution campaign in the hands of the fashion auteur film platform, filming. This has achieved the conversation in networks thanks to the fact that another series “for young people” was expected and this is something else.

They live in an apartment in the center of Barcelona. His life, based on party, sex and drugs is mixed with sociological and political reflections in a narrative thread without continuity. Each chapter is a new day, an independent piece, some much more powerful than others that make the series run out of steam at some points. However, fragile masculinity, sexual abuse in the cinema, spirituality (so fashionable today) or anxiety, are themes that show the incoherence of the protagonists. They are posh, contradictory, cynical but deep down they are human… And this aspect is the most important in this project.

More critical and groundbreaking works, please

Outside of political discussions, jar eating, they have a life, they suffer and as women they can afford to hate. Many years ago we left the idea of ​​a hysterical woman in the cinema and now we need new hooligan initiatives that will piss off whoever sees them. Because that’s how things change, with critical and groundbreaking cinema. strings like Self defense they allow us to stop stylizing the movies we see so much, to laugh and allow ourselves to “suffer” in front of the screen, in the positive sense of the word.

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‘Self-defense’: the Filmin series that has angered many people