Ferentino, Nigerian ambassador Yaya Adisa Olaitan Olaniran present in the evangelical church | www.linquisquotidiano.it

A day steeped in great spirituality but also with a high institutional profile: it was the one that took place yesterday, Sunday 30 October, at the “Salvation Gate” evangelical church in Ferentino, a reference point for a large Nigerian community whose members reside in various municipalities of the province. The presence of the Nigerian ambassador Yaya Adisa Olaitan Olaniran, who is also permanent representative for his country at FAO, Ifad & Wfp and who wanted to celebrate his 80th anniversary in Pastor Benson’s church, made the occasion extraordinary and historic. Ekakitie, of whom he is the spiritual father.

In front of a crowded and participating church, between prayers, music, songs and religious dances typical of Nigerian culture and spirituality, the ambassador attracted the attention of those present with speeches and preaching that touched everyone’s heart and spirit. .

The diplomat was also welcomed by the highest administrative authorities of Frosinone: in the front row the commissioner Danilo Magliocchetti in representation of the mayor Riccardo Mastrangeli. The mayor, unable to be physically present due to previous engagements, then intervened via Zoom bringing all the greetings of the city and his personal ones. Both Mastrangeli and Magliocchetti had words of great appreciation for the constructive presence in Ciociaria of the vast Nigerian community and for the work of Pastor Benson’s church.

“We are happy with your presence among us – remarked the two administrators – a community that we perceive as very active, proactive and calm, which enriches us and encourages us to adopt increasingly effective inclusive policies”.

Mastrangeli then addressed the ambassador officially inviting him to a subsequent meeting in which to plan initiatives for the mutual growth of the Nigerian and Ciociara communities. Nice the curtain between the two on their respective gastronomic specialties: “Mayor – said the diplomat – it will be a pleasure to let you taste our dishes” – “It will be for me too to let you taste our Ciociare delicacies, maybe a nice plate of fettuccine …” .

Yaya Adisa Olaitan Olaniran (accompanied by his wife Queen Olaniran), as well as Pastor Benson, thanked Italy for having kindly welcomed the Nigerian people and, turning to Magliocchetti, expressed his intentions to work to encourage ever greater interaction between the respective communities, an appeal promptly received by the assessor.

The “cult” – present also the pastor Giuseppe Antonelli with his wife Ines Barroso and the president of the Nigerian Edo Union Uyi Asemota – as happens every Sunday it went on for several hours, at the end of which there was a lunch in which a rich and tasty dish of jollof rice with chicken and vegetables was served (very spicy and spicy like all Nigerian cuisine and generally Sub-Saharan).

“I am going away enriched by the encounter with your community and with your culture – greeted the commissioner Magliocchetti – I will certainly come back to you, but already today I will carry within me the experience of this extraordinary day”.

Ferentino, Nigerian ambassador Yaya Adisa Olaitan Olaniran present in the evangelical church | www.linquisquotidiano.it