Read or reread: anthology in tribute to the Congolese writer Pierre Ntsemou

Increasingly, some want to break with the culture of posthumous tributes because, according to them, ” it is alive that we must love each other!”. With the same enthusiasm and all fascinated by the writings as well as the personality of the Congolese writer Pierre Ntsemou, thirty-five authors from Congo and elsewhere have set out to immortalize him in their own way, in an anthology of 276 pages.

The book is presented in three stages. A scientific part reserved for the criticism of the work of Pierre Ntsemou. A second part dedicated to tributes. And the third part consists of poems dedicated to Pierre Ntsemou. The work, as a whole, highlights a great literary, didactic and anthropological or philosophical interest of the work.

The title “ Writing beyond the boundaries of the imaginary » is understood otherwise as writing outside the box, innovating, or even writing in and beyond current styles. And the subtitle “Tribute to Pierre Ntsemou” is a way of recognizing the literary or scriptural qualities of the writer in the spotlight, considered by his peers as a “deserving-veteran-giant”.

As for the cover of the book, sky blue symbolizes height, the refusal of meanness, spirituality, writing as food for the mind. Below you have plots of land separated by a raging sea, symbolizing all the continents of the earth to which the writer’s message is intended. The waves of the sea represent the bubbling of poetic verve, inspiration or muse in the heart of the writer Pierre Ntsemou. The rest of the white cover testifies to a noble, immaculate, innocent, pure and humanist pen.

In the part of the critical analysis of Pierre Ntsemou’s writing, there are seven speakers who highlight three essential aspects: lexical juggling or “rimelogy”, a neologism specific to Pierre Ntsemou to describe his sound games; the richness and stylistic innovation of Pierre Ntsemou’s texts through the easy use of rhetorical figures such as the anagram, the prolepsis, the anacoluthon; and education and laughter as two omnipresent themes through Pierre Ntsemou’s writing.

The second part devoted to the testimonies of 23 contemporary writers shows, through Pierre Ntsemou, an empathetic, trans-generational, eloquent, humanist and hard-working character (author of eighty prefaces, four collections of poetry, four collections of short stories, two plays theatre, two novels and an essay).

The last part of the book includes five poetic texts (including two acrostics) by five writers who wanted to pay homage to Pierre Ntsemou through lyrical language.

All this bookish treasure is an invitation to enrich your personal library and to ennoble your spirit with the books of Pierre Ntsemou, the goldsmith of words who knows how to cure all kinds of ills thanks to the magic of the resilience offered by feathers. humanists.

Rosin Loemba, initiator of this noble project, is a doctor of letters and a teacher at Marien-Ngouabi University. He is also a writer and literary critic.

Read or reread: anthology in tribute to the Congolese writer Pierre Ntsemou