Personality Test: Choose a Nordic Rune and find out how your week will be

Personality tests are a very entertaining way that helps us discover how we are at a given moment. determined, this makes us connect with ourselves, which gives them an attractive look that quickly makes them viral on the Internet.

To this is added the opportunity to receive a personalized message, which makes them become valuable elements for our daily lives, but they do not define us 100%, since as human beings we are constantly changing and evolving.

For this reason We invite you to take a test created by the Astrologer and runicist, Erika Nava, in which she invites you to connect with her Nordic Runes and receive advice to face your week in a better way. Do you dare to do it?

Personality Test: Choose a Nordic Rune and know your advice for the week

Think about what you have planned for this week, about the doubts or decisions that you have to face in the days to come and ask from the heart that they send you the answer and the advice that your soul longs for so much.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath three times and choose a number from one to three, once this is done open your eyes, look below for the number you chose, there you will find what the runes want to tell you.

Which rune do you choose?

Personality Test Results

Then review the option you chose and receive your message for the week.

These were the runes.

The efforts made finally bring you the reward, the patience you’ve had over the months or weeks has paid off, something to celebrate. But it is also a good time to sow again, put the fruit now received to work and make it grow. If you do it during this reading, then you can expect what you have received to multiply rapidly.

In legal matters you can have a rest because you will receive positive news on those issues, finally light on the road. Gera invites you to put in order everything that has to do with love, the time to ease the heart is over, and now you can start a new cycle, meet new people, go on dates and remember what it feels like to love and be loved.

In health good news, what worried you about your physical body vanishes.

Perhaps you need the help of others, and if this is the case, do not hesitate to ask for it, it is time to put pride aside and admit that it is always important to have the support of others, humility will make you solve problems and get out of potholes quickly.

Beware of carelessness, memory can play tricks on you and miss appointments, or important dates. Mannaz invites you to take a more positive attitude, it is time to return to optimism and security in yourself, It’s time to plant yourself back on the ground.

Arguments of a couple may loom, especially caused by the female part of the relationship, be careful there, don’t get involved or that discussion can become a big distance and difficult to solve.

Intuition will be more tuned than ever. It is a great time to resume a path of spirituality, andIt’s time to reconnect with divine and intuitive abilities, those faculties that you have neglected for a long time due to being immersed in everyday life.

Life will put your will to the test, you can overcome some obstacles, especially emotional ones, but only your internal strength will help you overcome those obstacles. Attention to dreams, signs and solutions can come through this means, but rest is important so that you really have important revelations at the time of sleep.

Your memory will be one hundred, nothing that has to do with work or professional growth will be a difficulty for you, quite the opposite, success is yours. It’s time to take care of self-love, first you and then you can provide love to everyone around you.

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Personality Test: Choose a Nordic Rune and find out how your week will be